Who Killed Baldur in Norse Mythology?

In Norse mythology, one of the most famous tales was the Death of Baldur. Because Baldur death was the very first sign that alarmed the Norse pantheon the incoming Ragnarok, Baldur death became a threat and a terrible nightmare to the Norse world. But the question we want to solve in this piece of article is who killed Baldur in Norse myth?

Who is Baldur?

If we count the order of gods’ generation in Norse mythology, Baldur would be the third generation in Norse cosmos. Baldur was the son of Frigg and Odin – the queen and the king of Asgard. This made Baldur become the only heir to Odin’s throne once Odin got his eternal rest.

Some sources mentioned Baldur to have another brother whose name was Hodr. This brother of Baldur was blind and he was associated with the death of Baldur later. Yet, mysteries still linger because we are sure whether Hodr was truly a brother of Baldur.

Baldur had a wife, Nanna and they had Foresti as their only child.

In Norse cosmos, Baldur was famous for being a gentle and fair-speaking god. Baldur was also a handsome god. His appearance was so excellent that even the most beautiful things in the cosmos had to bow before him.

Baldur in Norse mythology was the Shining God

Who Killed Baldur?

Long story short, Loki killed Baldur.

When Baldur grew up and became a handsome god, he often had the same nightmare showing his own death. His mother, goddess Frigg, had the same nightmare. This tore Frigg apart as she knew that someday her beloved son would depart the world of Asgard. With the great mother love, Frigg tried many ways to prevent the Death of Baldur. She sent out the messages to all the corners of the world, begging all creatures to swear never to hurt her son. Everyone in the cosmos agreed. However, there was a mistletoe which was so small that Frigg thought it could not harm Baldur and ignored. At that time, people merrily threw things at Baldur because they knew those things would bounce off and not harm Baldur anyway.

Loki, the Norse trickster, could sense there must be something left to harm God Baldur. As the shapeshifting master, he changed his appearance to someone else and came to meet Frigg. And with his cunning and fast talk, he got the things he wanted. On coming back, Loki picked a small mistletoe and turned it into a sharp arrow.

Who killed Baldur?
The death of Baldur was one of the most heartbreaking stories in Norse myth. But who killed Baldur?

When he joined the crowded, who were throwing things at Baldur, he met Hodr, the blind god and also twin brother of Baldur. Loki tricked Hodr, giving Hodr the arrow and pointing it to Baldur. And straight to the chest of Baldur, the arrow went. Baldur fell to the ground at that moment and died.

The Death of Baldur was so sudden that it shocked everyone. The Norse pantheon, however, quickly picked up their mood and set off to capture the murderers. They knew Hodr was the one who threw the arrow and Loki was the conspirator standing behind. Off they went to take revenge on Baldur’s death. Hodr then was killed by Vali, another son of Odin, in Midgard.

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