Vikings Message: Don’t Look Back

Lately, I have been tossing and turning about farewell and goodbye. I was trapped and torn apart when thinking that I was about to bid farewell to my beloved ones. It might not an eternal goodbye. We can still meet but just not usually. One night I was surfing my social network feeds, I came across a Vikings message, actually said by Ragnar Lothbrok. Vikings Message said: “Don’t look back, you are not going that way”.

Who is Ragnar Lothbrok?

For some Viking enthusiasts, there are two versions of Ragnar Lothbrok. The first is the legendary Ragnar who was a son of king and killed dragon to coin his nickname. The second one is the Ragnar that appeared on TV Shows who was originally a farmer then a sailor and then king. The version I want to talk about in this piece of article is the TV shows’ version.

Vikings Message
Ragnar Lothbrok in TV Shows

This version of Ragnar was a farmer in Kattegat. But he believed sailing west was one of the key ways to grow himself a fortune. Then he did. But a man’s greed was unlimited. He wanted more and more. Until he became a king, he had power, gold, and respect. But in the meantime, he had more enemies and lost some of his relationships, including the death of his daughter and the betrayal of his brother.

Ragnar confessed that sometimes he regreted and he wished he had never left the farm. Being a poor farmer and living with his wife and children once were his desire. But after all, he was the one who took the step. He must take responsibility for what he had done. And after all, “don’t look back, you are not going that way”. Instead of spending time tossing and turning about the past, Ragnar focused on what the future would bring to him.

Ragnar’s Advice

Ragnar’s inner self was full of controversy. He was greedy for power and gold. But he also craved for love and safety. Yet, power and safety zone would never come together. If he chose power, he had to part with his safety zone, leaving his farm and abandoning his family.

Same thing happens to us. When the journey is long enough, some of your friends might feel tired. They need a temporary or even a permanent break from some relationships. But the key adivce is, not to regret. Usually, it is easier said than done. But the future will hold something special and most beautiful for those who are adventurous enough.

The past should be treasured. But this does not mean the future is nothing compared with the past. Past is what has gone; however, future is yet to come. Which should we look forward to? Not really, the past. We learn from the past and turn it into our experience and apply it to the future.

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