6 Viking Goddesses that You Should Know

In the previous blog post, we have discussed 10 Viking gods, each of whom embodied a valuable quality that we might lack. Norse mythology had many powerful goddesses that could inspire us in certain aspect. Read now to figure out Viking Goddess.

Frigg Viking Supreme Goddess

Frigg was the wife of Odin the Viking Supreme God. She was the goddess of fertility, motherhood, and sacrifice for family. She was the only one that Odin allowed to sit on his High Throne. Frigg wove the clouds and she could see the future. But she never told anyone what she had seen.

Viking goddess Freya Goddess of War and Beauty

Frigg embodied the love of a mother. She once traveled the Nine Worlds and asked all creatures in the cosmos to swear never to harm her son. Frigg was not wrapping her son in a wool. Rather, she dreamt of her son’s death. That’s was why she traveled and begged for others’ help. But what she tried was just in vain. Baldur dead and Ragnarok was looming large.

Freya Viking Goddess of War

Freya was the Viking god of Beauty and War in Norse mythology. She was so beautiful that every creature in the cosmos fell for her. This Viking Goddess of War had a twin brother whose name was Freyr God of Summer and Sunshine.

Image of Freya Viking Goddess
Many creatures fell for Freya

Freya shared the half amount of fallen warriors with Odin. To elaborate, half of the warriors would join Odin in Valhalla while the rest came to live with Freya in Folkvang.

The sudden disappearance of her husband broke her heart. She set out to find her husband traveling the Nine Worlds. But no matter how hard she tried, Freya never found out his husband. She cried her eyes out and her tears became the most beautiful jewel in the cosmos.

Idun Viking Goddess of Youth

In Norse mythology, Idun was the Aesir guardian of fruits that provided Norse Gods with youth and beauty. There was a time when Idun was kidnapped by a giant. Other Norse gods quickly became old and their beauty lost. They were all committed to saving Idun. Once they managed to save the guardian of youth, they became young and beautiful again.

She was the wife of Bragi Viking God of Poem and Singing.

Sif Thor’s Wife

Sif had a long blond hair that everyone would envy whenever looking at it. She had few surviving materials upon what her power was.

On a day, Loki sneaked in to the room of Thor’s wife. He felt so bored that he decided to cut the beautiful hair of Sif. Thor quickly discovered this and found out Loi to make amends. The fast talk of Loki made Thor release him. He traveled to Svartalfheim to ask the dwarves to create Sif’s hair.

Eir Viking Goddess or Valkyrie

We don’t really know what title of Eir: valkyrie or Viking goddess. She was associated with medical skills.

Nana Wife of Baldur

Baldur and Nana had with each other a son called Forseti God of Justice. Because she couldn’t bear Baldur’s death, she died on the spot when seeing Baldur on the pyre . The dead body of Nana then was placed along side her husband.

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