The Sinking Gokstad Viking Ship

Recently, the archaeologists have announed one of the most important problem relating to the iconic ship Gokstad Viking ship. That is the ship has been on the sinking process for the last five years. And yes, the Viking Gokstad Ship is sinking.

In the early months of 2019, the archaeologists have scanned this legendary Viking ship. The results turned out that there were a few significant changes in the forms of the ship.

Viking Gokstad ship is sinking. Scan of the ship changes in the last five years.

In the last five years, this Viking ship has been literally shaking and sinking. The stakes by the bow and stern posts of the ship have moved towards the center of the ship. The upper stakes in the center have moved outwards. The underside of the ship is moving towards the floor.

The movements according to the scholars have been five millimeters over the period of five years. This number might sound insignificant but it actually isn’t.

Gokstad ship is one of the most important iconic symbols for the shipbuilding techniques and culture. It was found on the Gokstad farmland and excavation was carried out for months. The ship is among the best-preserved Viking ships ever excavated.

Urgent actions are on the way to improve the situation protecting this historical heritage.

Viking Gokstad Ship
Gokstad ship in the museum

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