Wolf Fenrir Who Killed Odin

Of all the villains in Norse mythology and Viking belief, wolf Fenrir must be the most notorious for what he did to the Norse cosmos. From the beginning, there was a prophecy of Fenrir killing the Aesir chief god, Odin. This worried the Norse Pantheon so much that they decided to raise Fenrir themselves. But who actually Fenrir was in Norse mythology?

Image of Wolf Fenrir Norse mythology Viking mythology
Wolf Fenrir

Origin of Wolf Fenrir

Fenrir (“FEN-rear”) in Old Norse meant “He Who Dwells in the Marshes”. Fenrir was the son of Loki the most mischievous trickster in Norse mythology. Other infamous children of Loki were Jormungand the Midgard Serpent and Hel the Queen of the Underworld. All of these big figures had a part in Ragnarok the Doom of Gods. The giantess Angrboda (“She Who Brings Grieve”) mothered Fenrir. That is to say, Fenrir was a pure giant in the blood and his greatest enemy was the Norse gods. But the origin of Wolf Fenrir was just a minor reason for his action of waging war against Gods in the future. There were many theories about reasons of Ragnarok and they varied from viewpoint to viewpoint.

Image of Fenrir vs Odin in Ragnarok
Fenrir vs Odin in Ragnarok

The Aesir Gods raised Fenrir

Because the Gods knew the Ragnarok prophecy, they decided to raise Fenrir up in Asgard to control him. This story was vividly retold in Norse Wolf Fenrir Binding. The growing-up speed of Fenrir astonished the Gods. Fenrir grew up into a monstrous wolf and no one dared to approach him. In Norse Pantheon, only Tyr God of Justice and Honor was brave enough to come close and feed Fenrir. At a time, Fenrir was so enormous that Gods had to chain him up. However, it was not until the third time that they finally managed to bind Fenrir. The first two attempts failed to chain Fenrir with the normal chains.

When Gods came and asked the dwarves to make a magical chain, they got the magical tool that finally make Fenrir bow. But the third attempt witnessed the sacrifice of God Tyr. Fenrir demanded a God to put his hand in the mouth of Fenrir because he wanted to make sure Gods wouldn’t cheat him. Tyr was the volunteer to put the hand in Fenrir’s mouth. When Fenrir knew the tricks of Norse gods, he finally bit the hand of God Tyr. Until now, the sacrifice of God Tyr is still believed to be the compensation for Gods breaking their oath with Wolf Fenrir. Norse gods finally bound Fenrir to a rock and he lay there waiting for his time to come. When his moment finally arrived, Wolf Fenrir set himself free and triggered off the flames of wars in the whole cosmos.

Fenrir’s children hunted down the Sun and the Moon.

Image of Hati and Skoll Norse wolves Fenrir's children
Hati and Skoll Children of Wolf Fenrir

Fenrir fathered two children. Though they were not as infamous as their father was, they took a part in Ragnarok. Names of Fenrir’s children were Skoll and Hati. Before Ragnarok, the pair chased and swallowed the Sun and the Moon who were their preys for a long time. But they had never managed to hunt down the Sun and the Moon. Skoll and Hati chasing the Sun and the Moon left the cosmos be plunged into the darkness.

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