Why One Eyed Odin Lost His Eye

With the bottomlessness that could rival the black void of the cosmos, the thirst for knowledge of Odin never seemed to end. Odin was willing to trade many of his things to gain more knowledge and wisdom. One milestone in Odin’s thirst for knowledge was when Odin discovered runes. On that occasion, Odin hang himself on Yggdrasil, tormented with wounds, hunger, and thirst to discover the meaning of runes. This blog post is going to discuss Odin’s sacrifice of his eye for wisdom. This made this Aesir chief god become the One eyed Odin.

Image of One eyed Odin Norse mythology
One Eyed Odin and the Gungnir Spear

One day, Odin was wandering to the Well of Mimir which was assumingly the Well of Urd. There lived Mimir a Norse creature whose knowledge no one could surpass in Norse mythology. Mimir reached this level largely because of drinking the holy water in the Well everyday.

When Odin finally arrived, he asked Mimir to give him a sip of the holy water. But Mimir was not easy about allowing other people to try the water, even the chief God. Mimir required Odin to sacrifice one of his eye if the god truly wanted to try the water. Don’t know what the conversation between the two went on but Odin gouged out his eye and without a hesitation gave it to the Well. After Odin had made his sacrifice, Mimir took out the holy water into the horn and gave it to One eyed Odin.

Image of One eyed Odin the Allfather
Odin, Raven, Gungnir spear, and Valknut symbol

One eyed Odin sacrificed part of his external wisdom (eye) for the internal wisdom (mind). One eyed Odin taught us that no sacrifice was to great for wisdom. Any knowledge that came to us would be paid with something, either time, money, energy, etc.

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