Who Survived Ragnarok in Norse Mythology?

The event in Norse mythology that we are curious about yet never want it to happen is Ragnarok the Doom of World. The truth is, Ragnarok was the End of Norse Pantheon only and the world was reborn after Ragnarok. Here it comes to the question that who survived Ragnarok in Norse mythology. This blog post is to discuss the survivors or Ragnarok.

What is Ragnarok?

Ragnarok was the final battle between the gods and the jotunn (giant). Odin the Allfather led the army of gods and brave warriors to join the battle while Loki and his children would lead the army of the jotunn crashing the gate of Asgard.

Odin and Norse gods learnt of Ragnarok long before it truly happened. They did whatever they could to prevent that day to happen but nothing could change the course of fate once the Norns had decided it. Before Ragnarok, the death of Baldur son of Odin was the first sign telling that the glory of Norse gods was drawing to an end. Then came the Fimbulwinter befalling Midgard. Three winters came with no summer in between. This savagely brought on the agricultural collapse sending the Midgardmen into starvation and destroying all moral values. Brothers killed brothers. Father killed son and son killed father.

Ragnarok happened after Fimbulwinter befell Midgard. Fimbulwinter was the Great Winter that had three winters coming in a row without any summer in between. It deprived Midgard of the agricultural ability sending the Midgardmen to starvation. They started going back to the moral values they had been upholding. Brothers killed brothers for food. Blood was shed and Midgard became a chaos.
Fimbulwinter befell Midgard sending the humanity into starvation because there was no summer in between. They started killed one another for food. All moral values they had been upholding for a long time completely vanished.

Hati and Skoll the offspring of Fenrir the wolf finally chased down the Sun and the Moon sedning the whole cosmos into blackness. Yggdrasil Tree of Life trembled sending waves to the ocean that woke up the sleeping Jormungand Midgard serpent. This universal tremble facilitated the Nalgfar ship of the dead to leave the harbor to join the army of Loki.

And there they crashed the Bifrost rainbow bridge to come to Asgard where the final battle happened. The sound of Gjallarhorn of God Heimdall woke up gods and warriors. Grabbing their weapons, they were ready for this one last chance.

Ragnarok Doom of Gods finally started with the sound of Gjallarhorn of God Heimdall. The warriors woke up and took up their weapons getting ready for this last battle.
When Ragnarok broke on the sky, Jormungand poisoned the world with his terrible breath, Fenrir swallowed everything in the path, and Nalgfar ship carried the army of the dead to Asgard breaking the Bifrost rainbow bridge.

Ragnarok came faster than anyone could ever imagine. Blood was shed and some were slain. Odin the Allfather met his death while fighting with Fenrir the giant Wolf. Thor was defeated by the venom of Jormungand after he had killed the serpent with his Mjolnir hammer. Heimdall and Loki slew each other. Freyr fell in his battle with Surtr the giant of fire. Surtr wielded his blazing sword setting the whole cosmos on fire which finally put an end to Ragnarok.

Ragnarok was the final battle between gods and the giant. This finally resulted in the destruction of Norse gods.
The Norse God Freyr rides upon Gullinbursti, the golden boar, into battle at Ragnarok, but behind him approaches his doom, Surt the mighty giant king of Muspelheim, the land of fire.

But who survived Ragnarok?

When the major gods of Norse Pantheon fell in Ragnarok battle, some think the world finally ended. But a new generation would emerge and rebuild the world even without the inspiring gods like Odin, Thor, and Tyr.

Those who survived Ragnarok included many children of the gods.

Mjolnir hammer was finally passed down for the sons of Thor whose names were Magni and Modi.
Some gods survived Ragnarok. Magni and Modi sons of Thor finally inherited the Mjolnir hammer of their father.

Magni and Modi, sons of Thor made it through Ragnarok and inherited the Mjolnir hammer of their father. This made Magnir became the strongest Norse god, even stronger than Thor.

Baldur and Hodr the sons of Odin also made it through Ragnarok. This was simply because they didn’t join the battle as both of them were kept in the Underworld land of the dead of Hel. Even though Hodr was the one that directly caused the death of Baldur, they were brothers after all. No more revenge and Baldur took his blind brother Hodr out of Helheim. On the funeral of Baldur, Odin gave Baldur his Draupnir ring not as a sacrifice but as a symbol to remind Baldur where he belonged to. Baldur was the son of Odin and he was the prince of Asgard. If Odin couldn’t make it through Ragnarok, Baldur was destined to become the next leader. Baldur emerged from Helheim starting his journey back home and building up a new pantheon from ashes.

Other who survived Ragnarok included Vili, Vidar the God of Revenge who killed Fenrir, Ullr, Forseti, Frigg, Sif, Idunn, Thrud.

Two humans survived this war by hiding inside the trunks of Yggdrasil Tree of Life. When the fire of Surtr finally passed, they stepped out to carry the responsibility of repopulating the world.

The universe had no Nine Worlds after Ragnarok. There were only three realms in the regeneration. Gimli was the invisible place where the gods would meet up to talk about the glorious past and their great ancestors. There, they would observe the worlds below. The only visible world like old Midgard was Sindri where the humanity would dwell on. Those who died an unhonorable death would come to Nastrond where Nidhogg the dragon lived.

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