Who Are Odin’s Wives in Norse Mythology?

In the Norse myths, the moment Odin sat high on the throne of Asgard, he became all-knowing and ever powerful. He is the Allfather who lives in all ages and watches all of time. Odin controls all things, no matter how great or small. However, relationships with Odin’s wives and his daughters may not have been as all-great or even all-knowing.

Odin was not merely the ruler of Asgard, he was also a great father of many great sons.

Scandinavian mythology, though beautiful in its words and vivid in the landscapes, is cold, brutal, and depressingly direct in the descriptions of the gods, giants, and mortals. It is only in their songs of death that these myths are poetic and beautiful. Much of this probably comes from the cold and barren land itself, which spawned such tales of grief.


Frigg (FRIG) meant “beloved” in Old Norse. She was the only wife of Odin and she stood in the highest rank in the Norse goddess list. Frigg was the mother of god Baldur whose destiny connected with the beginning of Ragnarok Doom of God.

Though Frigg was the leader of Norse goddesses, few materials about her survived. Her appearance was vague. Moreover, scholars assume that Frigg and Freya were actually one person. But the scholars had their reasons when saying that. As comparing the traits of Frigg and Freya goddess of war, they saw the pair shared some common traits. 

Frigg Queen of Asgard was among wives of Odin. Odin's wives
Frigg Queen of Asgard was among wives of Odin

Frigg was the goddess of love, motherhood, family, marriage, and prophecy. Norse myth gives us the feeling that Frigg was the protector of the sanctioned marriage while Freya of the unsanctioned marriage. Thereby, Frigg was the goddess of the family the trait that Freya didn’t share. 

The Queen of Asgard appeared in many depictions as a beautiful woman spinning the threads. Actually, Frigg was weaving the cloud for the sky. 

Jord, mother of Thor

Little do we need to explain Thor Norse god of Thunder and Storm in Norse mythology. He was the son of Odin and Jord a giantess. Yes, Jord was a giantess of earth in Norse mythology Odin’s wives. Although she was a giantess (enemies of gods), Odin and Jord produced the most powerful god in Norse Pantheon – Thor who defended his beloved.

Odin's son in Norse mythology
Thor God of Thunder and Storm

Nine Sea Maidens, mother of Heimdall

The most sudden and not to say awkward wedding was that of Odin and Nine Sea Maidens daughter of Aegir Giant of the Sea. One day, Odin was wandering along the seashore, he came across nine beautiful sea maidens. He immediately fell for their beauty and married them on the spot. They produced Heimdall the Guardsman of Asgard.

The myth about Heimdall birth was somewhat awkward but still interesting though. One day, when Odin the Allfather was wandering along the beach, he came across a group of nine beautiful creatures. They were nine beautiful giantesses falling asleep on the sand. They were the daughters of sea god Aegir. Odin fell for them so deeply that he decided to marry all of them on the spot. The product of that surprising wedding was the birth of Heimdall. The nine mothers got very special things to nurture Heimdall: the strength of the earth, the moisture of the sea, and the heat of the sun. This incredible diet made Heimdall grow up at an amazing rate and quickly became the man who was the watchman of Asgard. 

Odin's son  Heimdall
Heimdall son of Odin and nine maidens Odin’s wives

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