Weapons in Norse Mythology that You Should Know

The list of weapons in Norse mythology is limitless. Just because many sources cannot survive the test of time, what left for us are not many. This blog post will present three powerful weapons in Norse mythology: Mjolnir hammer of Thor, Gungnir Spear of Odin, and Sword of Freyr.

Mjolnir hammer of Thor

In this day and age, the popularity of Mjolnir hammer is undoubted. Because Thor has been gaining more and more fame than ever before since his adaptation into modern art and entertainment. Mjolnir hammer was the must-have weapon of Thor wherever he was.

The Mjolnir hammer was associated with the power of Thor – creating thunder and storm. The giants (the sworn enemies of gods) feared Mjolnir hammer the most. Because Mjolnir hammer knew nothing but to smash the skull of the giants.

Thor god of thunder and storm in Norse mythology fighting against his sworn enemy Jormungand the Midgard serpent
Among weapons in Norse mythology, Mjolnir hammer is now the most famous one. Picture features Thor fighting against his sworn enemy Jormungand with his Mjolnir hammer

Mjolnir hammer was the product of the dwarves and Loki gifted Thor this sacred and mighty weapon. The only shortcoming of the Mjolnir hammer was that its handle was short.

In the Viking Age, the Vikings made their own Mjolnir hammer as their lucky charm. The Viking warriors wore the Mjolnir hammer pendant into the battle to call for Thor’s presence in their side. During the time of Christianization, the Vikings wore the Mjolnir hammer pendant to counter the conspiracy to Christianize the Vikings.

Gungnir Spear of Odin

Gungnir spear was also a product of the dwarves the most talented craftsmen in the Nine Worlds. It was a gift from Loki to Odin.

The Gungnir spear appeared with Odin in his battle. Prior to any battle, Odin would throw his Gungnir spear into the enemies’ lines and screamed “Odin owns you all”. This later became a historical gesture before battle of the Norse warriors. This gesture meant the Norse warriors were dedicating their enemies to Odin the Allfather as a gift and they wished for Odin’s power in return.

According to Norse mythology, never a time did the Gungnir spear miss its target. Every time Odin hurled the Gungnir spear to strike the enemy, Gungnir never disappeared the Allfather.

Gungnir spear of Odin the Allfather is among the most powerful weapons in Norse mythology
Viking warriors often hurled their spears into the enemies before the battle. This was a gesture by Odin. It meant the warriors were dedicating their enemies to the Allfather as a gift and they hoped victory and Odin’s power in return

One famous story that Gungnir spear appeared was Odin’s sacrifice to gain knowledge of runes. In Norse mythology, Odin sacrificed himself physically to get the ability to read runes. Odin whose thirst for knowledge was unquenchable hung himself on the Yggdrasil Tree of Life for nine days and nights. He ate no food and drank no water. He stabbed himself with the Gungnir Spear and refused the help of any god. After nine days and nights, Odin finally got the hang of runes – the magical wheel of the universe.

Sword of God Freyr

One famous and powerful god in the Viking belief was Freyr God of Fertility and summer. Norsemen, especially people in Sweden, worshipped Freyr for his power. Freyr owned a mighty sword – one of the most awesome weapons in Norse mythology – which he exchanged to gain the hand of his wife. This “trade” has become a matter of debate for long. To learn about the debate, we should learn what happened with the Sword of God Freyr first.

The sword of Freyr was among the mightiest weapons in Norse mythology. Freyr exchanged his powerful sword to win the hand of the giantess Gerd
Freyr god of summer and fertility holding his mighty sword. The Gullinbursti boar of Freyr next to him.

One day, when Odin was absent from his Valhalla hall, Freyr sneaked into the Hall of the Allfather. He got no intention to steal or damage anything. Rather, Freyr secretly sat on the High Throne of Odin. From this High Throne, Odin could observe everything in the Nine Worlds. And Freyr this time happened to see a beautiful giantess. She was so gorgeous that Freyr fell for her the moment he saw her. And then, the Viking god of fertility was in love.

He learnt that the beautiful lady he saw was a giantess. Although Freyr was so into the giantess, he knew that love affair with a giantess was unacceptable for the giants and the gods were sworn enemies.

However, lovesickness was so hard that Freyr asked his servant to travel to Jotunheim land of the giant to ask for her hand. The servant asked for the sword of Freyr in return if he could win the hand of Gerd – the giantess. And as your guess, Freyr gave his servant the mighty sword and married Gerd the beautiful giantess.

In Ragnarok Doom of Gods, Freyr used an antler as his weapon. He lost this battle to Surtr the giant of fire. Debate revolves around that if Freyr still had had his mighty Sword, he would have won the battle. For the Sword of Freyr was supermighty in the hand of Freyr and it was the first and the only automatic sword in Norse mythology. Yes, Sword of Freyr could fight on its own.

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