Viking Symbol: Viking Wolf

Wolf is one of the most controversial figures in any tales. Because of the bloodthirsty appearance with razor-sharp teeth, wolf always becomes the villains in nearly any myth. In Viking mythology, wolf occupied both parts of heroes and villains. There were 5 famous wolves in Norse mythology: Fenrir God of Destruction, Fenrir’s children Hati and Skoll, and Odin’s constant companions Freki and Geri. Below is quick and concise explanation of Viking Wolf Symbol.

Viking Wolf Symbol of Wild Strength

Wolves in Norse mythology possessed an incredible source of wild strength. Any animal in Norse myth could be no match for Wolf Fenrir. Gods only managed to bind Fenrir down at their third attempt. Fenrir was the sworn enemy of Odin Viking Supreme God. In Ragnarok they encountered each other and Fenrir swallowed Odin at last. These attested that wolf was incredibly powerful.

Viking Wolf Symbol of Destruction

Ever since the beginning, Norse Gods heard of the prophecy of Ragnarok Doom of Gods. They knew that during their final battle of Ragnarok, Odin was set to be swallowed by wolf Fenrir. They tried many ways to prevent this bitter scenario but they failed. Fenrir was one of the main culprit igniting the flames of Ragnarok. This meant Fenrir was the direct figure that put an end to the glory of Norse Pantheon.

Image of Viking Wolf Symbol
Hati and Skoll Viking Wolf Symbol

Other wolves, Hati and Skoll were the symbol of destruction. Hati and Skoll were the children of Fenrir. Many times they failed to chase down the Sun and the Moon. At the dawn of Ragnarok, Hati and Skoll caught and swallowed the Sun and the Moon, sending the whole world into darkness.

Viking Wolf Symbol of Odin

Either enemy or constant companions, wolves remind us of Odin. The very thought of Fenrir will make us think about his encountering Odin in Ragnarok which he took Odin’s life. Meanwhile, the very thought of wolf pair will remind us of Odin sitting on his High Throne with Freki and Geri under his foot. The tales of Odin seemed to revolve around wolf which made it become Odin’s symbols.

Image of Viking Wolf Symbol
Odin and his constant companions

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