10+ Viking Weapons and Armor Used in Battle

The Vikings primarily came from three Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The very common thought of the Vikings was the fierce and brutal warriors wielding axe and always willing to smash the skull of the enemies. It was true though not all Vikings were warriors. The Vikings once fuel many tribes with fear for their violence. But to the Vikings, their raiding and looting were honorable actions. To earn success for their honorable actions, the Vikings had to carry with them weapons and armor. This blog post is going to discuss Viking Weapons and Armor that our warriors once used in battles.

Viking Weapons

Viking Axe

We can miss out anything but the Viking axe whenever it comes to the Viking weapons. Single-edged axe has became the Viking symbol for a long time. And it’s truly worth having such reputation. Ever since a Viking was a boy, he had the axe in his hand. Viking axe was not only affordable for all social classes but it was also flexible. The handles of the Viking Axe varied: long and short.

Image of Viking warriors with axe Viking weapons and armor
Viking warrior with axe

Viking Sword

Viking Sword was the symbol of wealth and social rank during the Viking times. Very few people in the society could afford a sword because it cost a lot to produce a Viking sword. Whoever possessed a sword must have had so much wealth or in the royal family.

Bow and Arrow

The styles of fighting were limitless. The more the Vikings traveled and fought, the more battle tactics they learnt. They quickly mastered the use of bow and arrow and applied it into their real battle. A skilled Viking warrior could shoot around twelve arrows within a minute. Taking advantage of this, the Vikings shot their arrows from their ship to make the coast clear before landing.

Viking Seax or Viking Knife

Surprise was an awesome fighting tactics of all the time. The Viking seax (knife) was small enough to be kept within the belt. The cut by the Viking seax into somewhere important of the body could cause the enemies’ death. Viking seax was useful in turning the tables on the opponents.

Viking Spear

Viking spear was quite common during the Viking age. Because it was easy to produce a Viking spear, even more easier than the Viking axe. The Viking warriors would use their spear to thrust into the enemies or to throw their spear in the beginning of their battle.

Image of Viking sword and spear
Viking sword and spear in the line

Viking Armor

The Vikings used to use their armor into their battle but not too common. Because of one reason: not everyone could afford it. Viking armor was in the form of the chain mail. The mail was for the noble and the wealthy only.

Viking Helmet

Many modern artists added the wings or horns into their depiction of Viking helmets. But it was not historical. Indeed, the Viking Helmet had no horns or wings which could be helpless during the battles. The Viking helmet was just a simple bowl that could provide some protection to the head. It could reduce the effect of a blow, which in some cases could save a life.

Image of Viking helmet Viking warrior
Historical Viking helmet

Viking Shield

The Viking Shield has also become the symbol of the Vikings. It was the round shield ranging around 35 inches in diameter. The small shield could be on the movement easily but providing less cover while the larger shield could provide perfect cover without smart movement.

Image of Viking warrior Viking wall shield
Viking Wall Shield

Viking Ship

It would be offensive to miss out Viking Ship in the list. Viking ship was properly the most awesome Viking armor. Without the marvel of these Sea Serpents, there would have been no great Viking empire. They carried the Viking warriors to the new land to conduct their honorable missions. They provided the Vikings with perfect shelter from the nature, the sea, and the enemies. (See more: Top 3 Greatest Viking Ships in Viking Age)

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