Viking Warrior Spirit: Do Your Best No Matter What

With the coming of something new, something old must cease to exist. And that’s what happened to the Vikings. Long gone the glory of these warriors but their legacy is still with us until now. Modern media might distort their images turning the medieval Scandinavian warrior-farmers into something scary and savage. However, dwelling deep into the morals and culture of the Vikings, we realize that what we have been seening from movies are the tip of the iceberg only. This blog post is to illustrate the true Viking warrior spirit that once made the Vikings go global.

So we will break down the process to form a Viking warrior spirit: first, do your best; second, no matter what result turns out to be.

Do your best

The longest process for any battle might not be the fight itself. Instead, it can be the preparation process. So here, we continue to break down this into small processes: preparation and fight.

Viking warrior spirit
The key to success is always preparation

Viking warriors and leaders prepared carefully for any battles that were about to happen. The best men would be called up and what should be done would be done. The leaders would promise rewards for those who fought well as well as reminded them Odin was waiting for them in Valhalla. This once happened in Norse mythology where the gods (knowing they were about to fail in Ragnarok) still prepared for the battle.

What I want to say here is to get ready for whatever incoming. Before anything else, preparation is always the key to success, isn’t it?

Next, in battle, fight as as hard as possible.

No matter what

What made other tribes fear the Vikings was their fearlessness of death. Prior to battle, they prepared well. Into battle, they fought without fear. That’s what made their name known until now. The root of Viking fearlessness was their faith – believing in Odin the Allfather. To the Vikings, the most exciting and proudest thing in their life was to join a feasting table with Odin the Allfather in their afterlife. From a child to an old man, they all desired to feast with Odin the Allfather.

Viking warrior spirit
A Viking warrior spirit never allows one to lose faith and give up the fight.

In the Viking belief, only those who fought bravely and fell in battle could go to Valhalla. The Vikings proves “Fight as if you were already dead” true.

If they won in battle, they could come back home to feast with the winners of the fight. But if they died a warrior death in battle, they would gain a seat up in Valhalla and a drinking horn to raise and chant with their fallen brothers.

Conclusion Viking warrior spirit

Viking warrior spirit is something revolving more around the mindset and the attitude of each Viking warrior. The root of this spirit stemmed from what the Viking belief in their gods and how their community raised up each individual. And yes, the society affected them a lot turning them into the most fierceful warriors in the Medieval time.

Even knowing that they were about to lose the fight, they carried on preparing for what was coming for them. Even there was a little beam of hope, they would fight. That’s it. That’s what makes us remember their name until now. That’s what makes a Viking warrior spirit.

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