Viking Valkyrie Artifact Excavated in Denmark

The Vikings seem to never stop astonishing us to the core with their remains. Even if they are no longer with us and their glorious days are no more, everytime the blade touches the dirt, something gets revealed. The Danish archaeologists discovered a small statue of a Viking Valkyrie Artifact.

After studying the statue, the archaeologists concluded that the statue dated back to around 800AD. It meant the statue came from the time of Viking glory.

The Valkyrie figurine reveals herself from the dirt
The Valkyrie figurine reveals herself from the dirt

In Norse mythology, the valkyries were the beautiful women. But they were not like elves in other mythologies who played harp to entertain people. Up in the Great Hall Valhalla of Odin, a male god Bragi would entertain the warriors there with his music talent. Meanwhile, the valkyries would be the ones who joined the battle and helped Odin to collect the brave fallen warriors.

Indeed, the Valkyries were Odin’s female helping spirit. They would observe the battle and anyone who fought bravely and truly died a warrior death would got chosen to Valhalla.

Maybe because of this, the Vikings respected the Valkyries a lot. They did to the point that they made statue of the Valkyrie. The archaeologists believed that the Viking “artist” made the statue from gilded silver with niello inlay decoration.

Viking Valkyrie Artifact dated back to the Viking Age
Viking Valkyrie Artifact

This Viking Valkyrie artifact dressed in a sturdy way unlike many modern depictions turning her into a curvy woman. She wielded an double-sided sword holding a round shield. Her hair appeared in a common way that many other artwork of Viking women appeared to be. The loop in her hair suggested that it could have been a pendant.

Viking Valkyrie Artifact
Viking Valkyrie Artifact when in hand

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