Viking Valhalla

Valhalla was the palace of Odin the Allfather in Asgard. Odin was the Aesir chief god who presided over Asgard the land of Norse gods. But what was Viking Valhalla was?

Image of Viking warrior Viking valhalla
Viking Valhalla and warrior

Valhalla (“val-HALL-uh”) was the Hall of the Fallen that located up in Asgard. The hall was the palace that Odin would host the fallen human brave warriors to live with Odin until Ragnarok. Viking Valhalla always sparkled with the golden colours. Shining shields were the main materials to create the roof of Valhalla. Inside Valhalla was a hall with many feasting tables for Odin’s warriors. Warriors would feast and chant mercifully inside the hall. The meals were very delicious and lavish. Wolves and eagles guarded the fates of Valhalla for Odin. While half warriors lived in Valhalla, the rest would come and dwell with goddess Freya in Folkvang.

The warriors that dwelled in Viking Valhalla were the Einherjar. They were chosen by the Valkyries who were Odin’s female helping spirits. It was an honor for a Viking warrior to dwell in Valhalla because many of them devoted their life to fighting only for Valhalla and Odin.

According to the Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson, the Viking warriors that died honourably in battles would get an entrance into the land of Valhalla in Asgard. Meanwhile, those died of old age and starvation would live their afterlife in the underworld Helheim. That belief came from the main source (Prose Edda) that gave us a vivid account of Norse mythology. Odin and the Valkyries would choose only the brave and good warriors. Because that Einherjar army would help gods battle against the giant in Ragnarok. However, the fate finally found them. During Ragnarok, when Fenrir the giant wolf swallowed Odin the Allfather, the Einherjar fell with his Master.

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