Viking Strength Symbols and Their Meaning

What we inherit valuable things from Viking sagas and Norse mythology. The list cannot go without saying about the Viking Strength Symbols that once empowered the Vikings to get over hardships in life. Viking Strength Symbols survived. And today we are lucky enough to learn more about these divine and mighty symbols.

5 Viking Strength Symbols

There are many Viking symbols that could provide each individual a source of power. But in this blog post, we are to learn 5 important Viking strength symbols that the Vikings once used.

Mjolnir Hammer Symbol

The reason why Mjolnir hammer symbol comes up in the first rank is because in Norse myth Thor not only defended the gods but also the humanity. The Vikings believed that Thor was always willing to help the humanity with his power. The Vikings used to make hammer-like pendant to wish for Thor’s presence and protection.

Mjolnir hammer symbol was among the mightiest Viking strength symbols
Mjolnir hammer of Thor is on the top when it comes to the Viking strength symbols

Wherever Mjolnir hammer is, Thor is near to bless. So Mjolnir hammer symbol means Thor’s presence. It also presents the superpower of Thor and his bravery to get over any difficulty.

Helm of Awe – Aegishjalmur Symbol

A look at the Helm of Awe symbol can instill fear and awe into the beholders. It is formed with eight spikes radiating out as if they were protecting the central point.

Viking strength symbols include the Aegishjalmur symbol which presents the invincible power
The Aegishjalmur symbol appears in the ancient Norse sagas

The reason why Helm of Awe is listed as one of the Viking strength symbols is its appearance in Poetic Edda:

I wore before the sons of men
In defense of my treasure;
Amongst all, I alone was strong,
I thought to myself,
For I found no power a match for my own.

Scholars also believe that the symbol is the combination of two magical runes: Algiz and Isa. While the Algiz refers to the power to defeat the enemy, the Ise means “ice” which can freeze the foe to death.

Viking Axe

Like the Viking ships, the Viking axe holds an extremely important role in the Viking society. Indeed, the Viking axe has become the symbol presenting not only the Vikings but also their great spirit and long-gone culture.

Viking axe artifact found in 2013. The Viking axe was the Viking strength symbol for the Vikings once used their axe to bend the world to their will.
Viking axe artifacts found in 2013

Every Viking even the poor could have an axe for themselves. It became the constant companion for any of them. From the land to the sea, a Viking man could reach his full potential with his axe. It was not only because of the wielding skills but also the clever design of the Viking axe.

These days, the Viking axe still carries within itself the wild spirit and the invincible power of the Viking warriors.

Gungnir Spear Symbol

Odin was the Aesir chief god ruling over Asgard. He was among the most powerful and influential gods in Norse mythology. Odin had a powerful weapon which he always appeared with. It was the Gungnir spear.

In Norse mythology, the Gungnir spear of Odin never missed its target. And when it hit the target, it would fly back to Odin’s hands.

Gungnir spear tattoos. Trendy Viking symbols. Viking strength symbols
Gungnir spear symbol is now becoming not only the Viking strength symbol but also a trendy Viking tattoo 

Though Odin didn’t appear much in the battle like Thor, Odin’s Gungnir spear presented his power and wisdom in war. Because it is the weapon of the Allfather, it always serves as the image of overwhelming might, magic, and wisdom.

Yggdrasil Symbol

The most complicated symbol in Norse mythology must be the Yggdrasil. The great ash tree just existed in the cosmos and no one knew when and how it came into being. Yggdrasil tree was among a few figures that survived Ragnarok the Doom of the gods.

Yggdrasil tattoo as the Viking strength symbols.
Variety of awesome Yggdrasil Tattoos. The Yggdrasil symbol is among the most complicated Viking symbols

The reason why Yggdrasil became the Viking strength symbol was that it was the spine of the cosmos. It held the Nine Worlds within its branches and protected the humanity from the Doomsday.

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