Viking Symbol: Viking Ship

One of the most remarkable achievements of the Viking is their Ships. Sea Serpent is the second name of the Viking ships. The ship building technique of the Vikings was so great at their time that Viking ships became both aesthetic and potent on the ocean. Being one of the most key elements that built up the Viking empire, Viking ship now has become a Viking symbol with many precise meanings. The Viking Ship Symbol presents the symbol of the Viking time, of adventure, and of home.

Viking Ship Symbol of Viking Time

Without the help of the Viking ships, there would have had no mighty Viking empire. The Viking ships once became a nightmare to the victims of the Vikings. Because once the Viking ships appeared on the shore, war was right on the horizon. What the Viking ships carried were not only the brutal Viking warriors but also the fear and terror to the victims. Viking ships were something that made the Vikings different from other tribes in their times. Because there were not many tribes that dared to voyage or had such remarkable ship construction as the Vikings did.

Image of Viking ship symbol
Viking ships were known as the Serpents of the Sea

Viking Ship Symbol of Adventure

The nomadic blood running in the veins motivated the Vikings to step out of their comfort zone. The best symbol of the Viking nomad and adventures could be the Viking ships. Because it was the main means of transportation that helped the Vikings to go to great lengths.

Viking Ship Symbol of Home

Image of Viking ship symbol the Vikings
Viking Ships meant a home to the Vikings

Home is the place where people live with their family. The Viking ships carried the Vikings to new lands only to carry them back home to reunite with their family after a long time. It was like, the Vikings focused on chasing their dreams on their ships but they would always know their way back home. They were willing to go to any lengths only to come back home with fortune and new social status.


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