Viking Ship Discovered By Radar in Norway

Viking ship is forever awesome to discuss and to behold. For the Vikings, ship was not merely a means of transportation. Rather, the Viking ship became a Viking pride that empowered the Vikings to reach their glory. Splendid Viking ship discovered in the past included Tune ship, Oseberg ship, Gokstad ship, etc. In 2018, the archaeologists had a Viking ship discovered by radar in Norway. This news excited the archaeologists and Viking enthusiasts to the core.

A Viking Ship just beneath the surface

With the help of high technology, the archaeologists have detected a 20-meter Viking ship lying 50 cm beneath the land surface (20m ~ 68ft and 50cm ~ 787in). The ground-penetrating radar though detected the ship cannot tell how much the ship is preserved. It cannot also reveal whether any bones or objectives remained inside the ship burial.

Viking Ship discovered in Norway in 2018
The image from the ground penetrating radar showed the position of the ship beneath

The place where archaeologists detected the ship is the Viking-era Jelle mound along the Rv41 118 freeway to the southeast of Oslo, Norway. But this site had remained a local landmark for a long period of time until Norwegian archaeologists happened to take a look at this plot of land.

But a ship is not everything in the site. What excited archaeologists to the core is that there are burial mounds and longhouses as well beneath.

However, the archaeologists now choose to use the non-invasive technique to study the site. Because according to the archaeologists, archaeology is not just about the dig. It is about the preservation of the historical objectives. Once the spade touches the earth, the site will never be the same. Archaeologists cannot tell whether digging the ship out of the surface can help archaeology or not. Because there are chances that the ship could be looted prior to the farmers finally toppled the hills in the 19th century. So there have been no plans to dig the ship. But the truth is, everyone truly wishes to observe this ship in the flesh.

Viking burial mound detected
View of the Viking burial mound from above. This can be a great cemetery dating back to the Viking Age where the Vikings wanted to show their wealthy and political power. Traces of ships and longhouses were detected.

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