Viking Rune Meaning (Part 3 of 3)

The previous pieces of writing have discussed the meanings of the first 16 runic letters (See Part 1 and Part 2). This part 3 of the Viking Rune Meaning is going to unravel the mystery of 8 runes left. (See more Viking Rune)

Image of Viking Rune Meaning
Viking Elder Futhark
The last eight runes in Viking Rune Meaning include Tiwaz, Berkana, Ehwaz, Mannaz, Laguz, Ingwaz, Othala, and Dagaz

Tiwaz (ᛏ)

This Tiwaz rune resembles an arrow pointing upwards. Tiwaz is the runic letter for god Tyr who is the God of Justice and Honor in Norse mythology. This rune signifies the sacrifice and the victory in battles or competition. The success that Tiwaz suggests often appears after one has made a sacrifice of something. It might be a painful price just like Tyr lost his hand to Fenrir the Giant Wolf. But after all, it’s worth it.

Berkana (ᛒ)

Many people believe that the Berkana rune symbolizes the woman. In Viking Rune Meaning, it presents the universal symbol of Goddess and the unbreakable bond of mother and child. Figuratively, this Berkana rune indicates either a pregnancy and a new start in one’s life.

Ehwaz (ᛖ)

The Ehwaz rune symbolizes two horses pulling the cart which figuratively refers to the progress and the travel. Simply put, this Ehwaz rune presents the harmonious teamwork. Generally, progress and teamwork will help people to succeed and gain achievement in their life.

Mannaz (ᛗ)

Mannaz usually presents a group of people who assemble to attain specific goals. When this rune appears, the assistance and companions will come together.

Laguz (ᛚ)

The Norsemen believe the Laguz rune presents the wild power of the ocean waves. If the Norsemen sailors do not respect the Laguz, it could lead to the destruction and death. Some people believe that this Laguz rune is a negative rune because it signifies the uncertainty and the powerlessness of one entity when facing something overwhelming. However, Laguz suggests one to continue their tasks without doubting or fearing. Go like the waves that no one can interrupt.

Ingwaz (ᛜ or ᛝ)

Ingwaz is presumably the symbol of the Vanir god tribe whose power is associated with Earth and fertility. Wherever this Ingwaz rune appears, it might suggest us to get back to nature and pay more attention to the natural order of things.

Othala (ᛟ)

Othala is the meaningful rune that refers to home, family, and the ancestral blessings. This rune wants to remind us that it is time to realize the importance of the home and family. Inheritance and history are the themes that this Othala rune covers.

Dagaz (ᛞ)

This Dagaz rune presents the basic cyclical nature of things in the cosmos. Things that rise must fall or things that increases must decrease. It is the universal balance of all things. One who has come through the dark days will eventually step into the new and bright phases of their life.

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