Viking Rune Meaning (Part 1 of 3)

In the previous blog post, we have discovered what the Viking rune was and what its legendary origin was. But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Viking rune meaning. In this piece of writing, we are to discuss the meaning of each Viking rune.

The first eight runes in Viking Rune Meaning are Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raidho, Kenaz (Kanu), Gebo, and Wunjo

Image of Elder Futhark Viking rune meaning

Fehu (ᚠ)

The Fehu letter symbolizes two horns of a cow. Literally, “Fehu” meant “cattle”, presenting the wealth of a family. Debts could be paid with cattle. In that time, cattle was for both a measurement of value and a means of exchange. The appearance of Fehu always signals the load of success and wealth. Long hours of hard working will pay off with the well-deserved rewards.

Uruz (ᚢ)

This rune presents the physical power. This rune will fit best for the hunter, the athlete, or a soldier in the army. This Uruz rune represents the Norse god Ull who was the god of hunting and archery. Overall, the Viking rune meaning refers to great strength, athleticism, and virility.

Thurisaz (ᚦ)

Thurisaz symbolizes the thorn which refers to suffering and pain. On one hand, it might provide the pain. On the other hand, it is the symbol of beauty, the rose for example. Figuratively, thurisaz is the sacrifice that one must make to make progress in life. This rune presents that difficulties and hardships that one must endure before reaching the smooth end.

Ansuz (ᚨ)

Ansuz refers to an authority figure in our life such as parents, employer, teacher, etc. Whoever this figure is, they are to bring about the positive change to our life. Any great achievement in our life is likely to be assisted with someone that is an authority figure. Generally, Ansuz is the message of guidance, creation, and growth.

Raidho (ᚱ)

The appearance of Raidho presents a physical journey is about to start. The journey will be successful and change one’s life. A movement in career or the professional major is foretold in this Raidho rune. New knowledge and experience await us on the horizon.

Kenaz/Kanu (ᚲ)

Kanaz symbolizes the flame of inspiration and knowledge in one’s life. A wave of inspiration and knowledge would pave a wave to the new success. Though it demands one to give up something or to endure the pain, the knowledge we get after all is extremely precious.

Gebo (ᚷ)

The act the Gebo presents is the “giving” act. Figuratively, Gebo is the rune of generosity. Everything has its price. If someone gives you a gift, you should be ready to give them in return. The word “X-mas” we have today is believed to be derived from the Gebo rune. Because we often exchange gifts on X-mas.

Wunjo (ᚹ)

A flag of glory is planted in the battlefield. The battle has come to past. Victory is presenting with songs and celebration and the Valhalla is awaiting those who bravely fall in the battle. Overall, this Wunjo rune means joy, perfection, and harmony.

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