Viking Symbol: Viking Raven Symbol Meaning

In the hoard of beautiful symbols the Vikings left, ravens were among the most divine and respected in the Viking community. This is mainly attributed to the close connection between ravens and Odin who was the Father of All and the chief god of Asgard. This blog post discusses more about the Viking raven symbol meaning.

Viking Raven Symbol Meaning

The meaning of the Viking raven symbol varies from individual to individual and from region to region. But below is the list of meanings that people commonly accept until these days

Odin’s presence

This must have been the major reason why the Vikings respected the ravens. It is because of Odin’s presence.

In Norse mythology, Odin had a pair of ravens whose names were Huginn and Muninn. They flew away Asgard their home to pilot around the Nine Worlds to observe everything. When the night fell on the worlds, Huginn and Muninn would return back perching on Odin’s shoulder and whispered in his ears what they had seen.

Viking raven symbol meaning. Ravens indicate Odin's presence in the belief of the Vikings

What ravens knew, Odin knew as well. Thereby, Huginn and Muninn became the eyes of Odin around Nine Worlds. They were not stalkers. Rather, they were the information collectors for Odin. As their names indicated, they were the Mind and the Thought of Odin the Allfather.

The savior who help one out of the adversities

In the sagas, the Viking warriors always kept the ravens with them when they went on voyage. Because when they unfortunately got lost in the big ocean, they would release the ravens to find the land. If the ravens didn’t come back, it meant land was in that flying direction.

In the modern sense, the ravens become the bird that people believe would guide than to the path they desire. An raven will help them out whenever they get lost or go astray in their life.

Some people believe that if ever they see ravens attacking them in their dreams, it means their current direction is wrong or it is simply not where they want to go.

The Viking army and faith in Norse Gods

How come the Viking raven symbol meaningĀ  refers to the Viking army and the faith in Norse gods?

According to the Viking legends, some Viking chieftains and kings used to utilize the raven banners to indicate their presence in the battle from the 8th century to 10th century. The banner had a Viking raven symbol surrounding by the round edge.

Viking raven banner. Viking raven symbol meaning
The depiction of Viking ravn banner

They believed that the raven flag would evoke the power of Odin and other Norse gods who would stand by their side in the battle. If the raven flag cheerfully waved, the army would gain the upper hand over their opponents. But if the raven flag could not flutter, it promised a failure in the war.

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