What are the Viking Protection Symbols?

Other legacy that we inherited from the Vikings was the great fountain of the Viking symbols. They carried not only the great aesthetic design but also a long gone tradition. For those who are in pursuit of strength and power to get over hardships in life, this blog post of the Viking protection symbols will help you get some divine blessings.

What are the Viking protection symbols?

In fact, we don’t know the exact number of the Viking protection symbols. This list includes top 5 famous and powerful symbols: Valknut, Mjolnir, Aegishjalmur, Yggdrasil, and Troll Cross.

Valknut symbol

The reason why this symbol is on the top is that it belonged to Odin the Allfather. The name “Valknut” means “the knot of the dead”. It only appears in connection with the cult of the dead. We might be terrified because how can the symbol of death is linked with protection.

Viking Valknut symbol with the Nine Noble Virtues surrounding. Viking Valknut symbol is among the powerful Viking protection symbols
Viking Valknut symbol of Odin with the Nine Noble Virtues of the Vikings surrounding

Legend holds it that whenever the Valknut appears, Odin is near. He is either to pick the brave warriors to join him in Valhalla or to protect the warriors who worship him. For many people, the Valknut symbol is symbol representative of Odin welcoming the warriors to his Valhalla. Valknut is among many Odin’s symbols.

Mjolnir hammer symbol

Thor Odinsson was among the most powerful Norse gods. The major weapon of Thor was the Mjolnir hammer that he used to smash the lines of the enemies. Thor defended not only the gods but the humanity as well. According to the myth, Thor appeared in the land of humanity with his hammer in the hand and offered blessings to the humans on celebrations like marriages or birthdays.

Mjolnir hammer as the Viking protection symbols. Mjolnir hammer was the major weapon of Thor God of Lightning and thunder in Norse mythology.
Mjolnir hammer was the major and mighty weapon of God Thor in Norse mythology

The Mjolnir hammer symbol once became the best talisman of the Viking warriors. The archaeological evidence showed that the Viking warriors once wore the Mjolnir hammer pendant as their amulet in the battles. They wished Thor would appear and endow them with strength and bravery to make it through to the battle.

Aegishjalmur Viking Helm of Awe symbol

Aegishjalmur or the Helm of Awe is among the most powerful Viking protection symbols. According to the literal evidence, once the warriors applied this symbol between their brows, they would become invincible.

The Aegishjalmur symbol Viking helm of awe symbol among the Viking protection symbols
Viking Helm of Awe tattoo with Tiwaz rune, Ur rune, and Eihwaz rune. 

Aegishjalmur is the combination of eight spikes radiating out to protect the central point. The striking design of the symbol means to strike the fear into the beholders before its power becomes activated.

Yggdrasil symbol

Yggdrasil is the name of the Great Tree that holds Nine Worlds in Norse mythology. It connects the Nine Worlds by holding them on its branches. Yggdrasil is the most complicated symbol in the Viking symbols. Because it carries too many stories within its branches.

Yggdrasil symbol is among the most powerful Viking protection symbols. In Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil Great Tree connected the Nine Worlds within its branches
Yggdrasil was the symbol of holy interconnectedness and protection towards every creature in the cosmos

The reason why I list Yggdrasil symbol as one the Viking protection symbols is that it once protected the seeds of humanity when Ragnarok broke. Two humans hid inside the hole of Yggdrasil. Having the protection of the Great Tree, the pair survived the Norse Doomsday. The two human survivors carried out their mission of repopulating the world.

Troll cross symbol

In the Viking age, troll cross was the iron piece being bent and worn as the amulet to ward off the evil spirit. This symbol somewhat resembles the Othala rune in the Elder Futhark.

Troll cross as the Viking symbol of protection. The Vikings used the troll cross symbol to ward off the evil vibes

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