Oseberg Ship Photos: Definition of Magnificence

On August 1903, Oskar Rom a farmer disturbed the archaeologist Gabriel Gustafson by a sudden visit. It was at dusk already. But the inhospitality of the archaeologist went away when he saw what the farmer brought to his gateway. It was the oak stick with silver and carvings that aroused his interest. Then off he went to conduct the excavation of the Oseberg ship.

The Oseberg was a smaller version compared with the Viking longship. It is 21.58m in length and 5.10 in width. The ship has a pair of 15 oar holes meaning it could afford 30 rowers on board. The bow and the stern of this serpent had beautiful wood carvings in the “gripping beast” style which we learn as the Oseberg style these days.

Danish and Swedish shipbuilders attempted to build a copy of the Oseberg ship. After trial and error, the modern copy of Oseberg finally set sail from the city Tønsberg in 2012. The construction was a success and the ship performed very well.

Beside the majestic Oseberg ship, the women’s skeletons inside attracted the most attention. One skeleton belonged to a young woman around 40 years old while the other was of the elder around 70 – 80 years old.

Below are some photos of this great ship:

Oseberg ship excavation
Oseberg excavation

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