The Viking Norns: Destiny Creators of Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, there were creatures whom people call the Norns. They were one of the most powerful creatures in Norse myth. Even Odin the Viking Supreme God couldn’t interfere into their decisions. But who actually were the Viking Norns?

The word has a quite different way to pronounce. Instead of saying “norns”, we alter the last sound “n” into “m”. The Viking Norns were the female creatures who created the destiny of all beings in the cosmos. This made Norns become incredibly terrible in Norse mythology, even more than Gods and all beings in the cosmos must fear.

Image of Norse Norns fate creators Norse mythology Viking Norns
Norse Norns the Fate Creators

In one ancient poem, there were many Viking Norns in the myth. However, a poem Völuspá claimed that there were only three Norns who lived under Yggdrasil Tree of Life.

Cool thing is that their names suggested the ability of forming the content of time: Urd “Past”, Verdandi “Present”, and Skuld “Future”. Their names exactly pointed the content of time that they constructed. Under the well in Yggdrasil Tree of Life, the Norns created the destiny of all beings in the cosmos. Three Norns were always together. It presented the past would affect the present. And the present would lead to the future.

Image of Norse Norns
No one could change what Norns were to give them!

In Norse mythology, it was believed that the Norns carved the magical runes onto the trunks of Yggdrasil. Odin the Allfather was the one only that sacrificed himself to gain the ability of deciphering the runes.

Though there was no trace of worshipping the Norns in the ancient time, we could do nothing to alter the fates and what the Norns were going to give us.

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