Viking Motivational Quotes That Help In Hard Times

Life is process of experiencing and learning. But whether it will be a progressive journey or not still depends much on you attitude toward life. The way you handle the situation will determine where you will end up finally. But most of us, during the hard times, won’t hold a negative look at the situation because gone is our hope. That is the determining moment: to hold on to or give up. Viking motivational quotes in the hard time will prove helpful to those who are to give up the journey that the Norns (Norse fate creators) gave us. 

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Not every cloud which darkens the day brings rain.

Tough times will happen and no one can escape it. Because we are ambitious, we don’t want to stay in our comfort zone. We want to be like the Vikings who stepped out of their comfort zone and rocked in every miles they went. Because we always expect something better, we get disappointment sometimes. But it isn’t the end. It is just the ups and downs in life. If our life is a strange line, it means we are no longer alive. So don’t let a bad chapter bring you down to think you will have a bad ending.

The brave man well shall fight and win, though dull his blade may be.

The skill and the intelligence are just among the determining factors of success. The attitude is the more important than any tools you use. Even if you are well-equipped, you will never be able win the battle without the power of will. The difference between the patients is their willpower. One will collapse if they waste their time tossing and turning upon their death.

It’s your attitude, not aptitude, that determines your altitude.

Do not expect to make headway with a frail sailcloth.

Indeed, no pain, no gain. You gotta sacrifice something to gain something. You might have to sacrifice your happiness during your hard times to learn more lessons. Adversity will build your character and for sure, your character will bring you to places that money can’t. But before gaining something, sacrifice is necessary. Odin once endure for nine days and nights hanging himself to get the wisdom he wanted.

Slow and sure.

Don’t rush or force the ending to happen at once. Things take time. The journey isn’t all about the ending. It’s about the process along the way. Things we learn and people we met are treasure to us, either it is good or bad. And if something is set to happen to you, it will. But it will in the right moment, for the right person, and with the best reason.

Bravery is half the victory.

We are all afraid of something. But it doesn’t mean that we ain’t brave. Bravery is not the absence of fear and hurt. In our bravery, there is still the presence of fear and hurt. But we choose to face them all and to move forward despite fear and hurt. If you can do this, you are half way to your glory. If you still can’t, then fake it till you make it. No one can ever tell the difference.

Many are wise after the event.

Failure isn’t the doom of everything. It is a test from the Norse Pantheon. Gods want to test whether we are strong willed enough to feast with them. Gods accept the winners only. And losers are the ones that live in the past. The winners learn from the past and enjoy applying the lessons into their present to create better future.

Better it is to have a lower position in life and be free than to have a position of power only to be subject to the will of another.

Money isn’t everything to determine your final destination of life. Do things that make you happy. Be bold and free. Be brave if you have to sacrifice things to gain your freedom. And most importantly, be yourself.

It often happens that things go by turns.

When hard times go by, the happiness will find you. It is not necessary to dwell yourself in the sorrow and sadness. But time seems to fly so fast when you are happy. So embrace yourself and be prepared for something bad might happen in your life once again.

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