Viking Mammen Axe: The Most Beautiful Viking Artifact

Although the Vikings are no longer physically with us, what they left for us gradually reveal from the land. Viking artifacts are now being well preserved by both the archaeologists and Viking enthusiasts. This blog post revolves around the Viking Mammen Axe. Personally, I think Viking Mammen axe has become the most beautiful Viking artifact that we can find on Planet Earth.

Back to 1868, a farmer happened to dig into the mound of Bjerringhøj at Mammen near Viborg. Within this plot of land, the farmer found out a grave which was richly furnished. The man inside should have been there during the 10th century. He had luxurious costume, a ceremonial axe with silver and gold decoration on it. This axe later becomes the symbol of Mammen Viking Style. This style appeared in the Viking society around 900s and survived until around 1000. One side of the Mammen axe is the Tree which might have symbolized the Yggdrasil Tree of Life. The other side of the axe was one animal or bird. Some people think that it was Gullinkambi the rooster that would crow at the beginning of the Ragnarok. Below are some photos of the most beautiful Viking axe.

Viking Mammen Axe
This part presents the Mammen style
Both sides of the axe
The costume of the deceased inside the burial

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