Viking Jewelry

Let’s start with the warm up section first. List 5 words that pop up in your mind when it comes to “Viking”. Axe? Warriors? Voyage? Raid? Brutal? With movies and comics these days, it’s reasonable to link Vikings with those words: brutal warriors holding axe to go on voyage and raid. But one thing that many people might not know, the Vikings loved jewelry and did wear jewelry in their time. Viking Jewelry was not only to serve as a decorative purpose but also as a Viking talisman.

Image of Viking Jewelry Artifact
Viking Jewelry Artifact

Viking jewelry collection consisted of as many beautiful pieces as we do today. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. were the common kinds of jewelry. At the beginning, the Viking jewelry was simple. But as time progressed, there were more details and patterns on the jewelry. The Vikings would love to wear jewelry of their gods to express their respect and wish for divine help in life. The most common artifact that excavators found was the Mjolnir Thor’s Hammer jewelry. Maybe in Norse myth, Thor used his Mjolnir hammer to defend the human against the evil force, showing his generosity to the humanity. Accordingly, many Vikings worshipped and wore jewelry of Thor.

Image of Viking jewelry thor hammer amulet
Viking Thor Hammer Amulet
Image of Viking bracelet jewelry
Viking ancient bracelet

The majority of the Vikings were farmers while some were warriors. But regardless of their occupations, people from most Viking Social Classes had an array of jewelry for themselves. Both men and women wore jewelry. These little shiny objects added a sparkling light to their dark world. The Vikings also used their jewelry as a means of currency. For example, many Vikings wore silver armbands which they would hack a piece to trade. We can link Viking armbands in this case as the wallet we use these days.

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