Viking Jelling Stone: Danish Birth Certificate and Religious Mark

In Denmark, there stood a stone that marked the first Danish birth certificate as well as a religious mark. It was the Viking Jelling Stone which was erected under the reign of King Harald Bluetooth. Viking Jelling Stone holds important historical significance for not only the Danish but also the Viking enthusiasts across the globe.

The Jellling Stone

In fact, there were two Jelling stones in the site. Both of them were found in the town of Jelling in Denmark that earned them the name of Jelling.

After studying the stones, the archaeologists concluded that they were erected during the 10th century which was time the King Harald Bluetooth was on his throne. The older stone was erected by King Gorm the Old, who was the father of King Harald Bluetooth, in the memory of Thyra his wife. The other was by Harald Bluetooth, in memory of his deceased parents.

On the Jelling stone by Harald Bluetooth, he celebrated his conquest of Norway and Denmark as well as his successful attempt to convert the Danes into Christianity.

Viking Jelling Stone
Viking Jelling Stone

The scholars considered the Jelling Stone as the first Danish birth certificate. Because prior to King Harald Bluetooth, Denmark consisted of many parts. Until the reign of Harald Bluetooth that Denmark became unified under a banner, recognized as the national state.

On the Viking Jelling Stone by Harald Bluetooth, the runic inscription read: “King Haraldr ordered this monument made in memory of Gormr, his father, and in memory of ThyrvĂ©, his mother; that Haraldr who won for himself all of Denmark and Norway and made the Danes Christian”

Who was King Harald Bluetooth

Controversy has been around the air whenever it comes to Harald Bluetooth. While many consider Harald as a great Viking hero, others believe he made a wrong move when submitting himself to the cross.

But looking back, we have to agree that Harald Bluetooth was not only a great king but also a talented Viking warrior. Under the reign of Harald Bluetooth, not only was the Viking Jelling Stone erected but also many other Viking great architectural structure.

The great expansion of Danevirke Danish protective wall was attributed to King Harald Bluetooth. The wall helped protect the Danes from the outsiders.

The baptism of Harald Bluetooth
The baptism of Harald Bluetooth

Another structure under the reign of Harald Bluetooth was the complexes of trelleborg. Trelleborg was the name of Viking ring shaped fort. Although the Vikings learnt this building techniques from other tribes, they learnt it well enough to make their fort the most geometrically precise. The archaeologists had to agree that the Viking forts nearly reached perfection.

Because of Harald’s religious conversion, many hated him. Palnatoke was among them. Palnatoke raised up Sweyn Forkbeard son of Harald Bluetooth. And about 986, Harald was overthrown by his own son, Sweyn Forkbeard. This Sweyn Forkbeard was the first Viking King of England. And Sweyn Forkbeard fathered Cnut the Great which made Harald Bluetooth the grand father of Cnut.

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