Viking Symbol: Aegishjalmur Helm of Awe

Viking Helm of Awe or the Aegishjalmur (Ægishjálmr “EYE-gish-hiowl-mir”) is one of the most powerful and mysterious Viking Symbols. The form of Aegishjalmur certainly arouses the terror within the beholders. Eight spikes are radiating out to defend the central point against any hostile forces surrounding. The form of Viking Helm of Awe sometimes might be mistaken with that of Viking Vegvisir. The name “Aegishjalmur” consists of two compounds: “Aegish” meaning “Shield” and “Hjalmur” meaning “the forefront”.

Image of Viking Helm of Awe Aegishjalmur

In the poem Fáfnismál from the Poetic Edda, poetic works of Norse myth, told that the dragon Fafnir declared his invincibility with the use of the Aegishjalmur Helm of Awe symbol. The Old Norse reads:

bar ek of alda sonum,
meðan ek of menjum lák;
einn rammari
hugðumk öllum vera,
fannk-a ek svá marga mögu.

The stanza can be understood:

Helm of Awe
I wore before the sons of men
In defense of my own treasure;
Amongst all, I alone was strong,
I thought to myself,
For I found no power a match for my own.

A spell from Icelandic folktales confirms power of Aegishjalmur Helm of Awe:

Make a helm of awe in lead, press the lead sign between the eyebrows, and speak the formula:

Ægishjálm er ég ber
milli brúna mér!

I bear the helm of awe
between my brows!

Thus a man could meet his enemies and be sure of victory

Image of Viking Helm of Awe Viking Symbols
Helm of Awe

People relate Viking Helm of Awe with two runic letters: Algiz and Isa. While Algiz symbolizes a spikes of protection, the Isa presents ice freezing the enemies with terror. This awesome interpretation makes sense because not only does it link the symbol with the sacred Viking Runes but it also present the overwhelming power of protection of Viking Helm of Awe symbol.

Image of Viking rune Algiz and Isa
Algiz and Isa

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