Viking God War: Aesir and Vanir Battle

There were times in Norse mythology that the two main god tribes, the Aesir and the Vanir, did not live in harmony. Throughout the whole course of the myth, the two seemed not to harm the other. But during the time of Viking God War, the two waged war and fought valiantly.

The Cause of Viking God War

Freya was a Vanir goddess who took the life of a wanderer, travelling the whole and spreading her knowledge and power to those who needed.

Image of the burning of Gullveig Viking God War
The burning of Gullveig resulted in the Viking God War

Freya finally arrived at Asgard the land of the Aesir gods. At first, the power that Freya had captivated the Aesir gods. They sought for her power and services. But not long after, the Aesir realized that their divine qualities of honor, law-abiding characters, and loyalty fell into oblivion when they ambitiously and selfishly sought for the power of Freya. Blaming Freya for her witch’s magic and trapping them, the Aesir gods called her Gullveig (“Gold-greed”) and tried to murder Freya. They burnt Gullveig three times and three times she stepped out from the fire intact.

Viking God War Took Place

Because of this, the two tribes gradually harboured their hatred toward each other. The hatred was so great that it erupted into the Viking God War. The Aesir used their weapons and strong force while the Vanir utilized their natural and magical force. They fought for many days and each tribe, in turn, took the upper hand.

Image of Viking God War
Viking God War

Many days passed and the two tribes got weary of fighting. They decided to draw out a peace treaty to seal the peace between two tribes. They exchanged the hostages to come and live in the land of the other as a way of sealing the peace treaty. The Aesir let Hoenir and Mimir come to Vanaheim the land of Vanir while the Vanir exchanged Njord, Freya, and Freyr to Asgard. But later, the Vanir felt the Aesir had cheated on them for the Aesir hostages were not as divine and powerful as the Vanir hostages, the Vanir decided to behead Mimir.

The two tribe assembled again and decide to conclude the second peace treaty. They spat into the vessels and the liquid became the second peace treaty which was the wisest Norse being Kvasir whose blood then was to brew the Mead of Poetry.

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