Viking Folkvang

Folkvang was one of the most sacred places in Asgard the stronghold of the Aesir gods. Actually, this Viking Folkvang land belonged to a Vanir goddess Freya.

Image of Viking Folkvang

The word “Folkvang” itself meant “The Field of The People” or “Field of the Armies”. According to the Prose Edda and the Old Norse literature, Folkvang would host half of the dead warriors while the rest would come and live with Odin in Valhalla. The sources said nothing about the criteria to choose who would live in Folkvang. And there was no clear illustration of how Folkvang was like up in Asgard. Sessrumnir (“Hall with Roomy Seats”) was Freya’s hall in Folkvang. The hall was just described as being fair and great. But unlike Valhalla which was a palace with shining roofs, Folkvang was a meadow or a field. The warriors in Folkvang would also join the battle in Ragnarok with Freya and other gods. Though all of them fell with the Norse pantheon, they were the best warriors. To Viking belief, Folkvang was one of the most desired places that the Viking wanted to be in their afterlife.

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