Viking Tattoo: Viking Compass Tattoo

The Vikings were among the most famous sailors in the Middle Ages. They traveled across the ocean, reaching new land and making a fortune for themselves. But to gain so much popularity and success, the Vikings must have had more than skills and courage to step out of the ancestral land. They got their gods beside them. They also empowered themselves mentally by many ways. One of the most famous ways that survives the test of time is the Viking Compass or the Viking Vegvisir. This blog post focuses on spreading the inspiration of the Viking Compass Tattoo. Hope you find your inspiration after finishing this piece of writing.

What is Vegvisir/Viking Compass?

Vegvisir (VEG-vee-seer) is the symbol depicting eight different spikes radiating out. The general arrangement of the Vegvisir somewhat resemble the real compass with eight directions. If you are a Viking enthusiast, you might catch sight of the Helm of Awe whose another name is the Aegishjalmur. The Vegvisir symbol looks very much alike the Helm of Awe symbol. In the Icelandic collection book of spells, the Vegvisir symbol appears once with the verse:

If this sign is carried,
One will never lose one’s way
In storms or bad weather,
Even when the way is not known

Vegvisir Viking Compass Tattoo

In this day and age, when Norse mythology and the Viking age has been adapted into many blockbusters, people pay more attention to the pair. Learning something about the Vikings is very interesting as we somehow can reflect and revalue ourselves through it. Believing in what the Vikings once believed can empower us to a certain extent. In the inked community, the Viking Compass Tattoo is always for those who want to find a better destination for themselves.

The Vegvisir is the meaningful symbol to consider when you want to try a new tattoo. The message Vegvisir carries is not only the signpost for those who need it but also the Viking faith for those who respect it. In the past, the Vikings might have used the symbol to find the way literally. In the modern sense, the meaning of it has stretched out from that. The Vegvisir symbol means the guidance in one’s spiritual belief. Whether you share the same belief with the Viking or not, you will find your faith after all. It also points you to follow to the right paths in your life and to listen to the right and loyal friends. Below is some inspiration for the Vegvisir Viking Compass Tattoo

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