Viking Axe – Viking Best Weapon

What pops up in our mind whenever it comes to “Viking”? Quick answer: Viking Axe. Commonly, the image formig in our minds about the Viking axe is the huge weapon only big guys could wield. Fact? Nah. These axes were light, well-balanced, and fast. Viking axe was good for speed, savage attack, and smart movements. (See Viking Axe Symbol)

Image of Viking axe warrior
Viking warrior with axe

Image of Viking axe

Most of the Viking men would have their own axe since they were a little kids. Axe was affordable in Viking society. Even the poorest men could possess one axe to make and meets on their own. Viking axe could serve as both a cultivation tool and a deadly battle weapon as well. If the Vikings worked on their farms or went on fishing, their axe would prove to be a helpful tool in their jobs.

But axe was a deadly weapon in battles as they would shed the enemies into pieces. In fact, it was the Viking warrior who could use the axe wisely to finish their enemies. But the Viking axe was a true powerful weapon for any Viking warriors. There were many fighting tactics with the Viking axe. One could use axe to directly attack their enemies or hide their axe behind their shield and launch a sudden attack.

One of the most fascinating axe in Viking times might be the Mammen axe. This axe was made of iron with silver surface. The design of Mammen axe presented the belief of the Vikings. The decoration on one side was Yggdrasil Tree of Life while the other side was presumably the rooster Gullinkambi “Golden Comb”. Gullinkambi was believed to wake Viking warriors up every morning and crow to inform the world of the upcoming Ragnarok Doom of Gods.

Image Viking Mammen Axe Viking best weapon
Viking Mammen Axe
Image of Viking mammen axe
Viking mammen axe

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