Viking Symbol: Viking Axe

What first thing comes to our mind whenever we think about the Vikings? The instant answer can be “Viking Axe”. Every Viking had their axe in the hands since they were about to reach their adulthood. In fact, the adulthood of the Vikings was around 12 or 13 years old. They might not immediately use the axe because any Viking man had to watch and learn to master his axe himself. Viking axe was a single-edged type. The Vikings creatively designed their axe design in order to promote its speed, maneuverability, and deadly proficiency with sharp edge. In both the Viking times and these days, the Viking Axe Symbol has been a meaningful Viking symbol that presents life, survival, and ancestral heritage.

Image of Viking Axe Viking warrior
Viking warrior with axe

Viking Axe Symbol of Life

The Vikings used their axe for many purposes in their Daily Life. With the help of axe, the Vikings could cultivate their land and produce many crops. Moreover, the Vikings used their axe when going fishing, chopping the woods, or even hunting in the forest. To make an axe, the Vikings didn’t need much iron which made axe quite cheap to obtain. Accordingly, axe became a very common tool of multi-purpose in the Viking ancient time. What I’m trying to express in this point is that the Viking axe occupied a very crucial part in maintaining the life of the Vikings, which made the Viking axe become a Viking symbol of life.

Viking Axe Symbol of Power and Survival

The Vikings were mainly famous for their achievements in wars and raids. But remember that not all the Viking warrior could afford a sword which was very expensive and time consuming to make. The majority of warriors made use of their own axes, carrying them into the battles. As the constant companion, Viking axe helped the warriors pillage through many lands, gaining much respect and fortune for themselves. This means that the Viking axe stood for the Viking incredible power in battles just like Mjolnir Hammer for Thor’s power. Besides being a symbol of power, the Viking axe was also a symbol of survival.

Image of Viking Axe symbol warrior
Axe and Viking Warrior

Viking Axe Symbol of Ancestral heritage

The Viking axe was an ancestral heritage that was passed down from generation to generation. It is a reminder of the Viking achievements and their ancestors who bent the world to their will and spread terror to their victims. Viking axe indeed became a nightmare image for many tribes in that time. Because wherever the Viking axe was, violence and bloodshed were near. The figurative meaning of the Viking axe might refer to the heart full of energy that was willing to cut through any obstacles that hold one back and prevent them from moving forward.

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