Viking Attitude: Learn Like Odin

For long, Odin has been considered as the God of Wisdom and Sky, both in Norse mythology and modern times. Although long gone the Vikings, their belief and mythology forever stay with us. In thig blog post, we are to share the Viking attitude when it comes to learning. It all thanks to the Supreme God Odin the Allfather.

In Norse mythology, Odin was the one who chased after knowledge relentlessly. He became one of the most powerful men in Norse mythology because he had the knowledge some didn’t. He could ventured his most unbelievable things to get more knowledge.

The first impression toward Odin the Allfather was that he exchanged his eye for knowledge. This made Odin became an one-eyed god in Norse myth. Any time you see a man without an eye, hooded, grabbing a spear in hand, and it is Odin. He came to the Well of Mimir, asking the guardian of the well to give him a drip of this powerful water. The guardian, of course refused to give Odin unless he could prove himself worth it. How to prove? An eye for this pie. That’s the deal. Without a second of hesitation, Odin gave one eye into the water and gained a drip of the water. He suddenly felt he could understand nearly everything in the Nine Worlds. He gave up an external source for knowledge and gained the internal one.

Image of one eyed odin norse mythology viking mythology
One eyed Odin. Viking attitude

Another impressive sacrifice was the hanging of this old man. At that time, nobody knew the meanings of runes, except the Norns the Fate weavers in Norse mythology. They carved runes on the branches of Yggdrasil tree of life. If anyone wanted to unveil the mystery of runes, they had to make a sacrifice. But obviously nobody dared to hang themselves up the tree. Odin did. He hang himself for nine days and nine nights. Without food and without water. The gungneer spear stabbed him in the chest. After this incredible sacrifice, Odin became the first god to understand runes.

Viking attitude: Learn as much could

Life is full of changes. To keep up, you have to keep learning. Learning is the key to make yourself valued and suitable for the society. When learning becomes a daily habit, it will drive your life to the better way.

Image of Odin hanging
Odin the hanging man

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