Viking Symbol: Vegvisir Viking Compass

Despite being a long-gone culture, the Vikings have left us a wonderful fountain of mysterious symbols. Many symbols might not have stood the test of time. The rest, fortunately, make their way to this day and age. Of all the awesome Viking symbols, the Vegvisir Viking Compass is not only majestic in appearance but also awesome in power.

Image of Viking Compass Vegvisir
Vegvisir Viking Compass

Symbol of Viking Compass Vegvisir

Vegvisir is the Viking Compass or the Rune Compass of the Vikings. It consists of eight different spikes that point to eight directions. This presents the main cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West) and other four intercardinal directions. In the Icelandic language, the word “Vegvisir” means the sign-post or the way finder. The form of this Viking Compass sometimes can be mistaken with the Viking Helm of Awe Symbol.

Although it is commonly known as the Viking Compass, Vegvisir sparks off many debates regarding the true origin of the symbol. Many people believe that Vegvisir is a modern invention that has little connection to the Viking age. But whether this belief is true or not, we can’t exactly know because the people who truly know are at peace. One thing for sure is that the Viking lovers these days hear about Vegvisir as the Viking Compass and its power.

Image of Viking Compass Vegvisir
Viking Compass

Vegvisir Viking Compass will show us the way

If this sign is carried

One will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather

Even when the way is not known.

That is a line in the Huld Manuscript and that somewhat shows us the power of Vegvisir Viking Compass. The literal meaning of it is so clear that we need no further explanation, don’t we? Some legends tell us that the Vikings applied the symbol of Vegvisir on their ships. They believed by this way they would never get lost during their voyages. The Vegvisir would show them the way and guide them back home intact.

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