Vanir Viking Gods

The previous blog has discussed the Aesir Viking Gods who played the most important role in Norse mythology. While the Aesir lived in Asgard, the other was the Vanir Viking Gods who lived in Vanaheim.

There were a few materials that gave vivid accounts of the Vanir Viking Gods. The Vanir (VAN-ear) was the gods of fertility, wisdom, and the power to foresee the future. Presumably, the Vanir were “much ancient” than the Aesir god tribe. While the power of the Aesir revolved around the weapons, that of the Vanir was about magic and something natural. The land Vanaheim of the Vanir gods was as mysterious as the Vanir gods were. Nobody knew exactly the position of that land in Norse cosmos.

Image of Vanir Viking Gpds Freya and Freyr
Freya with her cats and Freyr on his boar holding the antler his weapon

The most famous Vanir gods included Njord the seafaring god, Freya the goddess of love and beauty, Freyr the god of sunshine and summer. Freya and Freyr were the twin and they were the children of Njord. But three of them came to live in Asgard the stronghold of the Aesir after the peace treaty between two god tribes were concluded. The two exchanged hostages to seal the treaty after their conflict. There were theories that Heimdall the Guardsman of Asgard and Ullr the stepson of Thor came from the Vanir god tribe. This theory, however, was not persuasive because Heimdall had no direct relationship with the Vanir. Heimdall was the son of Odin and Nine sea maidens. The most intelligent creature in Norse myth, Kvasir, was from the Vanir god tribe.

Image of Freya goddess Vanir Viking gods
Freya was the goddess of war