My favorite cell phone accessory

I'm awesome.

Sometimes it’s all about the little things in life.

Sunglass Founder, Nitin Rao

The future's so bright...

In this audio interview, Nitin Rao shares the Sunglass background and vision. He also announces new API connections to several commercial CAD packages.

Vuuch CEO, Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Vuuch is a product focused on social product development. Several engineers just read that sentence and felt ill. In this audio interview, I get to the bottom of the Vuuch value proposition with CEO, Chris Williams.

Blogging and social media: what’s in it for you?

Some thoughts on why you should start a blog today… even if you currently think social media is stupid.

Cumulus Computing


Why are so many people scared of moving 3D modeling into the cloud? Doesn’t seem so shocking to me. Here is a list of some of my favorite cloud-based apps that perform just fine without being tethered to the ground. Please share your favorites in the comments section.

Unsuckifying Social Media

When geeks get social

Don’t get the world of Facepukes and Twitterheads? Here are a few tips to help you sanely give social media a shot.

A 3D printer in every home

A review of Chris Anderson’s book, The Long Tail; and a prediction for an unprecedented explosion in 3D data.

Drive SpaceClaim (or anything else) with just your voice

A cool video from my new favorite Aussie demonstrating his voice control hack for SpaceClaim.

Change the inertia of your corporate engineering culture

Here’s a cool, quick video illustrating how corporate inertia stifles innovation. I see this a lot when presenting the previously unknown category of 3D Direct Modeling software tools.

Engineers on Youtube

I intend to start showing more video on this blog. Need to brush up on my understanding and skill in this area, though. So, here’s a little test using Camtasia and Youtube. If any of you have tips for recording or deploying videos of Engineering apps with decent quality, please share in the comment section.