Engineering is dead and boring


If you can adopt just a taste of this guy’s passion for engineering, you will be happier and make more money. Hooyah, Nicholas Selby, Hooyah!

Stop showing me your bald spot


An observation on engineering presentation for the follically challenged.

Electronics Cooling Master and Author, Tony Kordyban


Electronics cooling expert and author, Tony Kordyban, shares thoughts on his background, the state of CFD simulation, and how to most painlessly improve your professional writing.

SPDM in a nutshell

What is that thing?

Making sense of Simulation Process and Data Management. Plus, a few tips on creating better engineering presentations.

Vocal variety is conference room caffeine

Daft Punk should have said, "Faster, slower, louder, softer, higher, lower."

In this ongoing series of engineering presentation tips, you’ll often see me blasting away at bad PowerPoint practices. Today, let’s focus on another key aspect of quality information delivery: you. Yeah, you know- the one up front with the lips flapping.

The tyranny of text

Join the United Text Liberation Front today!

Want to create more engaging, valuable, and sticky engineering presentations? You must learn to cut the word count.

Video: Clayton Christensen on business and life

Here's a dilemma for you.

Best known for “The Innovator’s Dilemma”, Clay Christensen delivers an engaging presentation covering the application of some of his business insights to your personal life.

You are boring. Don’t be boring.

Words, words, words, words, words...

Improve your presentation skills and make more money.
Also, stop putting me to sleep.