The pain of changing my game (plus a new trick you can learn)

Where are my balls?

An update on my efforts to externalize my to-do lists…
and a cool new trick for effectively internalizing things I do want to remember.

CAE, CAD, and engineering professionals on Twitter

Pluck that bastard

I hate Twitter. But, if you love it, this post is for you.

Getting Things Done, Evernote, and Nirvana

My favorite street

A little reflection on this year resulted in a big change to my GTD system. Details here.

TripIt: Best new weapon in my business travel arsenal

If Mel Gibson were a salesman

Are you a road warrior? Do yourself a favor and check out my new favorite business travel tool, TripIt.

How to take useful notes in a meeting

Here’s a simple technique I use to maximize the value of even the most boring and useless of meetings.

My 30 day caffeine experiment: a quest for better sleep

In my quest for sounder, deeper, more refreshing sleep, I went 30 days without caffeine. Pretty damn impressive for me, but unsuccessful.

Quick tip: coordinate your international conference call

Scratching your head trying to figure out the best time to call a meeting for people in Czech Republic, Western Australia, Moscow, Boston, and Luxembourg? Here’s a great, free, online tool to slow your balding process!

Retool yourself to find (or keep) that job

Three easy tips to improve your lot in life.

Good GTD overview video

Great 30 minute interview with David Allen on Getting Things Done.

Audio Book Reviews: The E-Myth & The Leadership Pill

Two great reads. One great listen.