An old Bowie album

A quick update on my career and life changes. Happy New Year!

PTC Creo: big promises, bold timelines, boatloads of risk

How my umbrella melted

My take on the risks PTC is facing with its Creo strategy.

Expert and Upfront CAE: 6 tips for optimizing ROI


A short video presentation covering my top 6 strategies for getting the most business value from FEA and CFD. The original working title was Brains and Hats.

Lean Product Development ideas for your CAD problem – Part III

Nice to meat you

A quick look at the Lean Product Development Process and “waiting until the last responsible moment.”

Lean Product Development ideas for your CAD problem – Part II

Nice to meat you

7 Kaizen opportunities you can address with SpaceClaim.

Lean Product Development ideas for your CAD problem – Part I

Nice to meat you

Introduction to Lean Product Development. What does Lean mean in terms of company culture? Is there such a thing as a “Lean” engineering software tool?

How to drive innovation with simulation

A blue dot named Ed

In this video, I try my hand at a new style of simplistic storytelling to show how SpaceClaim can impact the CAE process.

A new way to kill nasty rounds for better FEA and CFD meshing

Just discovered a killer (and mostly unpublicized) enhancement in the latest release of SpaceClaim. This one helps you remove problematic rounds and fillets to make your FEA and CFD meshing life easier.

Mouse gestures in SpaceClaim and Firefox


A quick video tip on using “mouse gestures” in SpaceClaim or Firefox.

3D Direct Modeling is not the disruptive innovation

There’s a lot of talk about Direct or Explicit Modeling being the next big thing. I disagree. The “Citizen Designer” is far more compelling.