Ryan Stamm on CFD consulting best practices


Ryan Stamm shares his unique and incredibly successful approach to CFD consulting. Plus, a couple of book recommendations for leaders.

Intact Solutions CEO, Vadim Shapiro


Vadim Shapiro joins the show to discuss his company’s “meshless” FEA technology. Scan-and-Solve is a plug-in for Rhino that could easily find its way into other mainstream products.

Cyprien Rusu on the MidasNFX CAE suite


Could a French Engineer living in South Korea be preparing to battle Big CAE? Let’s find out in this interview with Cyprien Rusu of MidasNFX.

Pointwise President, John Chawner

I'm not all things to all people, but I might be all things to you.

John Chawner, President of Pointwise discusses state of the art CFD meshing and the buzzy term, “Democratization of CAE.”

Flowkit CEO, Jonas Latt (Part 2)


Part 2 of a 2 part interview with Jonas Latt, CEO of Flowkit.
Let’s dig into the future of CAE in the Cloud.

Flowkit CEO, Jonas Latt (Part 1)

I like my CFD in the sky.

Part 1 of a 2 part interview with Jonas Latt, CEO of Flowkit.
Meshless, Open Source CFD in the Cloud? Yes, please.

CyDesign: my new adventure- and how to find yours

CyDesign logo. Get it? CYD.

My new CAE-in-the-cloud gig and some advice for finding your perfect next career move.

SPDM in a nutshell

What is that thing?

Making sense of Simulation Process and Data Management. Plus, a few tips on creating better engineering presentations.

Tip toe over to see me at INTER-NOISE 2012


A quick note for all my friends interested in acoustic simulation. I’ll be joining the MSC Actran team at INTER-NOISE 2012 this year. Please stop by our booth in the expo and say hello if you are planning to attend!

Bring da noise, bring da funk: Free Hartford, CT Acoustics Engineering Seminar


How do you deal with acoustic engineering issues? Build and hope for the best? Plan to attend this free acoustics engineering seminar in Hartford on May 31.