Christmas shopping for a road warrior


Looking for something your favorite road warrior will drool over? Here’s a little kit you can put together cheaply that will do the trick!

TripIt: Best new weapon in my business travel arsenal

If Mel Gibson were a salesman

Are you a road warrior? Do yourself a favor and check out my new favorite business travel tool, TripIt.

Noise-canceling headphones on the cheap

A DIY project for the high-tech redneck.

Your popped vein won’t hurt the airline

Yeah… air travel can suck these days. Your response to problems and delays is entirely up to you. Don’t be the guy in this story.

Customer care and raw chicken balls – Part 1

Thoughts from the road on customer service.
This is the one about Southwest Airlines.

Get the best airfares with a human touch

Cool site recommended by my friend and internet guru, Tom Kraak, of

Have a great idea in the car? Don’t lose it. Jott it.

Here’s a quick (and free way) to capture ideas while on the go. Just dial a secret number and talk into your phone.

Find a great flight AND a great seat

A couple of nice (and free) online tools to help you plan your next flight.

Logitech V270 mouse: road warrior excellence

I can’t believe I took the time to review a mouse.