Video of the guy who inspired me to study memory

King of Mnemonics

Moonwalking with Einstein video.
Jamonit… relatively.

The Loose Meat Sandwich King of Hamtramck

Loose meat sinks and Hamtramck rises

Who knew engineers could write compelling fiction?
A quick review of Tony Kordyban’s new tale.

Last minute shopping ideas


Too busy wrapping up the fiscal year to wrap-up your Christmas shopping? Here are a few ideas that have earned the Jeff Waters seal of approval.

The Curses of Knowledge and Egocentricity

Is your spouse bewildered by your work stories? Do you think any engineer with a 4 year degree is worthless if she can’t learn CAD? You might be suffering from the curses in this article.

Book review: A Whole New Mind

A whole new mind

A quick review of Dan Pink’s book about turning to your right brain in the era of Asia, Abundance, and Automation.

What’s the next disruptive technology in CAE?

An invitation for all you smart CAE people to put on your thinking caps and predict the next big thing.

A 3D printer in every home

A review of Chris Anderson’s book, The Long Tail; and a prediction for an unprecedented explosion in 3D data.

Retool yourself to find (or keep) that job

Three easy tips to improve your lot in life.

Globalization, engineering, and conspiracy theories

Huge chunks of many business are being outsourced. Work teams are increasingly global, and connected only through the internet. What will this trend mean for CAD? What will it mean for you? I think we all have to stop wishfully fighting the inevitable, and start finding ways to embrace the realities of a new world.

Audio Book Reviews: The E-Myth & The Leadership Pill

Two great reads. One great listen.