Thor Viking God of Thunder

Thor or Þórr in Old Norse was the God of Thunder and Storm. He wielded the Mjolnir hammer to defend both Gods and humans. The giants in Norse mythology were afraid of Thor and his Mjolnir hammer. Popularity of Thor and Odin in Viking age might have been the same. However, with the modern movie and comics adaptation of Thor Viking God of Thunder, he become even more well-known than Odin.

Origin of Thor Viking God of Thunder

Thor was the son of Odin, making him become the sibling with famous gods like Baldur God of Honor and Vidar God of Revenge. But his mother was a giantess whose name was Jörð meaning “Earth”. Thor was the product of love affair between a god and a giant. Because of this, the physical power of hor was second to none in Norse mythology. Despite his half-giant blood, Thor was always full of hatred toward the giant. His swore enemy was Jormungand a son of Loki. Thor rode a chariot pulled by two goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr. Whenever his chariot crossed the sky, there came a sound of thunder and storm below. 

Image of Thor Viking God
Thor Viking God of Thunder and Lightning

Thor and His Mjolnir Hammer

Truth is, Mjolnir hammer was a gift from Loki. One day, Thor found out Loki was the culprit of cutting hair of Thor’s wife. He threatened to claim Loki’s life with all his power. With Loki’s fast talk, he managed to get rid of this and had to make amends for his prank. Loki went to Svartalfheim land of the dwarves and asked the dwarves to create some treasures including Mjolnir Hammer and Gold Hair for Thor’s wife. Loki played some tricks while the dwarves were forging Mjolnir hammer leading to its short handle. Anyway, Loki did help Thor to gain his own symbol – Mjolnir symbol. When Thor fell in his last battle, his children inherited their father Mjolnir Hammer.

Thor hardly went out without his Mjolnir hammer. He always carried his Mjolnir hammer along to defend himself and anyone against the evil force of his giant enemies. However, his Mjolnir hammer only was not his source of power. Thor owned the Megingjörð Belt of strength. Wearing Power Belt, iron gloves, and Mjolnir hammer, Thor could even triple his strength.

Thor Viking God of Thunder VS Jormungand Midgard Serpent

Thor and Jormungand were the sworn enemies. They faced each other twice in the myth. The first time took place when Thor was going fishing with a giant. When the pair went to the middle of ocean, Thor caught a very huge creature which he thought to be a fish. He quickly realized that “that creature” was Jormungand. Holding his Mjolnir hammer in his hand, he was ready to deal a blow to Jormungand. However, the giant went fishing with him cut the fishing line releasing Jormungand into the ocean. The giant reasoned that he was afraid Ragnarok would happen once Jormungand raised himself above the ocean.

Image of Jormungand and Thor
Jormungand VS Thor in Ragnarok

The second time was their final battle in Ragnarok. Good thing was that Thor killed Jormungand in their second encounter. Sad thing was that the venom of Jormungand left claimed Thor’s life after he stepped nine paces away from the dead Jormungand.

Viking Warriors Worshipped Thor

Thor Viking God of Thunder was one of the most powerful Norse gods that the Vikings worshipped and held in high esteem. In many Viking graves, people found many pendants in Mjolnir Hammer form. This proof was sufficient to attest how much God Thor meant to the Vikings. Many accounts told that the Viking warriors wore jewelry of Mjolnir hammer and joined the battles. Because they believed Mjolnir hammer symbol meant Thor was with them offering them his power to overcome war and bloodshed.

Image of Thor Viking God of Thunder and Lightning
Thor and Mjolnir hammer

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