The Einherjar: Viking Warriors who Fought for Odin

The Einherjar could be pronounced as “an-HAIR-yar”. The meaning of this word is that the warrior who fought alone. The meaning of it might not vividly illustrate those warriors though. Because they didn’t fight alone. In Norse mythology, the Einherjar was a band of human warriors who lived in Valhalla with Odin the Viking Supreme Gods.

Image of Viking Warriors Einherjar
Einherjar would fight for Odin the Allfather

The Einherjar was the human warriors who fought bravely and died in battles. The Valkyries who were Odin’s female helping spirits chose among the fallen warriors to join Valhalla.

The Norsemen envied with the life that those warriors had the chance to enjoy. All day long, they fought one another. But when the evening fell, all of their wounds were healed and they would be recharged with feasts in Valhalla. The dinners in Valhalla the Golden Hall of Odin never disappointed anyone. The meat was from the magical boar who would come back to life after being slaughtered. The mead that the warriors drank came from the goat Heidrun. In the meantime, son of Odin Bragi God of Music and poem would on behalf of Odin entertained the warriors with his talented music.

But Odin didn’t keep the warriors only to enjoy. He did everything for a purpose. Until the days of Ragnarok, the warriors would take the side of Odin and fought for their master. But no matter how hard the Einherjar attempted to fight in battle, they fell with their master as what prophesied before.

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