How the Mead of Poetry was created in Norse myth?

The most common beverage in the Viking community was mead. Mead was an alcoholic beverage that we can create by fermenting honey with water. But in Norse mythology, the most famous mead was created by blood and honey. It was the Mead of Poetry which was incredible magical.

How the Mead of Poetry created?

When the war between Vanir and Aesir gods ended, both tribes decided to create a peace treaty. But the story of gods’ treaty was a long one.

The gods sealed their truce by chewing berries and spitting into a jar. The liquid inside the jar then fermented and turned into a creature. His name was Kvasir. He was omniscient about everything in the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology. So he could answer any questions about the Nine Worlds. Whenever someone asked him a question, he always had a right and satisfying answer for it.

Like Odin, Kvasir took up a life of a traveler. He traveled around the Nine Worlds to spread his knowledge.

The tragic happened when Kvasir came across the house of dwarves. The dwarves were brothers and they wanted to have a private talk with Kvasir. And Kvasir entered a room with the dwarves only to get killed.

The dwarves stored the blood of Kvasir inside a huge caldron and mixed it with honey. It finally formed a divine mixture. Anyone who drank the liquid could become a wise man. It was the Mead of Poetry.

Image of Mead of Poetry and Odin
The vats carrying the Mead of Poetry

The dwarves created a lie that Kvasir died because of the knowledge overload. They kept the Mead of Poetry for themselves.

When a giant couple visited the dwarves, the dwarves killed them without hesitation. Suttung – son of the deceased giant – sought revenge and took the Mead from the hands of dwarf brothers.

How Gods took back the Mead of Poetry?

Suttung stored the Mead under the mountain near his home. He allowed no one to enter the mountain except his daughter, Gunlod. There Gunlod became the guardian of the Mead.

Odin who was famous for his unquenchable thirst for knowledge learnt about the Mead of Poetry and how powerful it was. He came up with an idea to take the mead back to Asgard where Kvasir should have been living.

With the tricky mind and the help of Baugi the brother of Suttung. When finally entering the mountain, Odin seduced Gunlod and gained the permission to try the Mead of Poetry. He drank the Mead three times and completed all the mead that Suttung had.

Odin the Allfather was chased by Suttung the giant in the story of the Mead of Poetry
Odin the Allfather was chased by Suttung the giant

With all mead inside his mouth, he turned into an eagle and flew back to Asgard. When Suttung knew his mead was “stolen”, he turned himself a flying creature to chase after Odin. Because Suttung tried the mead, he could shapeshift like Odin. But Odin made it to Asgard and spat the mead into a vats for the gods.

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