Reasons to Hate Dwarves in Norse mythology

Dwarves in Norse mythology were not kind and nice ones like the dwarves in the story of Snow White. Norse mythology had it that the dwarves were very unkind. Below are the reasons to hate the dwarves

Dwarves came from the maggots of a giant

In the Creation of the World, Odin and his brothers slew the first giant of the cosmos – Ymir. They used Ymir’s body to fashion the world. And from the body of Ymir crawled out the maggots. This somehow made us believe that the dwarves were the offspring of the giants – sworn enemies of gods. Although the dwarves helped gods with many powerful weapons, we could not ignore the ancestors of the dwarves.

Dwarves killed Kvasir

Kvasir was the wisest creature in Norse mythology. He was created by the gods as a peace treaty after gods’ war. No question in the world could confuse Kvasir. Kvasir took up a life of a traveler to spread his knowledge. Unfortunately, Kvasir met two evil dwarves. These dwarves were brothers and they wanted a private word with Kvasir.

Kvasir entered the house of the dwarves and got killed. The dwarves stored his blood in the caldron and created the Mead of Poetry for themselves. They lied to the gods that Kvasir had died because of the knowledge overload.

Image of dwarves murdered Kvasir to make the Mead of Poetry
The dwarves murdered Kvasir to make the Mead of Poetry

Dwarves laughed at Baldur’s funeral

Baldur was the beloved son of Frigg and Odin. Everyone in the cosmos mourned for Baldur when learning his death. He was not only handsome but also kind and nice. On one occasion, Loki indirectly murdered Baldur leaving him dead on the spot.

Reasons to hate Dwarves in Norse mythology
Thor kicked the dwarf into the pyre fire

And the hammer of Thor knew nothing but smash. Thor wielded his Mjolnir hammer dealing a blow into the dwarf and kicked him into the pyre ship where Baldur was resting.

When the gods were carrying out the funeral for Baldur, a dwarf passed by. While everyone was crying for the loss of their beloved god, the dwarf laughed and danced mercifully in the funeral. No one could understand why this dwarf did so.

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