Things People Get Wrong About Ragnarok Norse Mythology

Ragnarok was one of the most special events in Norse mythology. With some modern adaptations, Ragnarok becomes more famous. But some parts from modern Ragnarok version does not follow the original version. This piece of writing is to point out three things people get wrong about Ragnarok Norse mythology.

Ragnarok Norse Mythology was not the End of the Cosmos

Some click-bait titles saying refer Ragnarok to the End of the Cosmos as a way to increase the readers’ curiosity. But originally, Ragnarok wasn’t. Ragnarok was just Doomsday for the glory of Norse Pantheon. Although Ragnarok tore the cosmos into pieces and left everything in darkness and finally fire, it was just the hatred between Gods and the Giant.

When Ragnarok broke on the sky, Loki led the army of giant to crash the gate of Asgard through the Bifrost bridge. War was inevitable and all warriors were ready for this final moment.

Ragnarok came like a flicker of pain to the cosmos. Then it left and a new chapter unfolded. Of course , pain was endured and this war only came to end after the death of many famous figures like Odin and Thor. But it was not the end of everything.

Ragnarok Norse mythology led by Loki
Loki and his giant army in Ragnarok

There were surviving gods like Magni Son of Thor or Baldur Son of Odin. They survived Ragnarok and lived on to build the new world after their ancestors had gone. Ragnarok was never the end of the cosmos.

Ragnarok was the result of hatred from many generations

Ragnarok was in the prophecy ever since the cosmos came into being. One day, Ragnarok would come and deprived Norse gods of their glory. But after all, Ragnarok was just the result of the hatred from many generations.

From the day that Odin killed Ymir the Giants, the gods intangibly made the giants disgust these High Powers. Only when Odin paid the ultimate price for killing Ymir did the giants stop to shatter the peace in Asgard.

Ymir the first giant was killed by Odin
Ymir the first giant was killed by Odin

And the gods also caused more pain for the giants while they tried to prevent Ragnarok. Yes, they were attempting to do everything for the good of their community. But it was also fair to say that they mistreated the giant. For example, they mistreated all of Loki’s sons just because of their connection with Ragnarok in the prophecy.

Generations after generation, hatred accumulated. And there came Ragnarok in Norse mythology.

Not many survived Ragnarok

Ragnarok in some modern adaptations was terrible and so was the original version. Many important gods and giants died in Ragnarok.

Fenrir the Wolf swallowed Odin the Allfather. Vidar the son of Odin took revenge for the death of his father and managed to kill Fenrir with his sword. Heimdall and Loki killed one another atop the Bifrost rainbow bridge. Freyr lost in the hand of Surtr the ancient giant of fire. Tyr and Garm the Hound slew each other. The final scene of the battle was when Surtr wielded his firing blade and set the whole cosmos on fire.

Indeed, nearly all of the most famous and important figures in Norse mythology fell in this battle, unlike the modern versions. Although we might not accept the truth that we lose the majority of Norse heroes, what was in the original version forever remains.

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