Top 5+ Powerful Women in Norse Mythology

Norse mythology forever captivated us with the infinite flow of surprise and inspiration. Many people believed that thanks to Norse mythology, the Vikings became so unique and different. One of the traces of civilization was that the Vikings respected their women so much. Maybe they soon realized the importance of the women or maybe they were greatly affected by their belief from Norse saga. Because there were many powerful women in Norse mythology. This blog post is going to give you top 5+ of these mighty women.


Hel was the daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. She was a pure giant though many called her the goddess of death. In fact, Hel was the ruler of the death, not the goddess. The meanings of two words were completely different. Because Hel was a giantess who took Loki’s side and battled against Gods.

Image of Hel in Norse mythology Powerful women in Norse mythology
Hel the powerful in Norse mythology

Because the birth Hel and her siblings (Jormungandr and Fenri) was unwelcome to Gods, they decided to separate all of them. They banished Hel to the land of death from which she grew up her authority and made herself become the queen.

The reason why Hel was among the most powerful women in Norse mythology was that no one could ever control Hel to their will. For example, the death of Baldur made Odin wander to Helheim to ask Hel giving his son back. But even this Viking Supreme God couldn’t use his authority or right upon her land. All he could do was to stare from outside until the day his son could come back. And Hel just stared into the blank and felt nothing.


Norns might not be a completely strange word for those who love Norse mythology. Because they were among the most mighty women, the Norse creatures respected them. But why they became mighty and respected?

Image of Norns in Norse mythology
Norns in norse mythology

In lay on the truth that the Norns could create and alter the destiny of all beings in the cosmos. Their names were Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld. They meant Past, Present, and Future respectively. The only  creatures that could knew all the fates of all beings in the cosmos. No one could take a step into the process of weaving the fates of the Norns. To conclude, the Norns decided who would die and who would suffer.


Another mighty woman from Norse mythology was Freya goddess of love and war in Norse mythology. Freya was the princess of the Vanaheim land of the Vanir gods. But later she moved to the land of Asgard the stronghold of the the Aesir god tribe. Freya was a powerful women that only herself could share half of their woman. One half travelled to Valhalla with Odin the Allfather while the rest followed Freya to the land of Folkvanrgr. This coined Freya the name the Goddess f War like Odin.

Image of Frigg Odin's wife
Freya  Odin’a wife was a powerful seeress

Freya was also the goddess of beau as nearly all the creatures in Norse fell for her beauty. Many asked her to become their bride and asked her as a part of theri gift. but how could lose their beautiful and mighty godess into the hand of the filthy and evil.


Frigg was an important figure as well. Because she was the Aesir chief goddess and also the wife of Odin. Among her sons, she cared a lot for Baldur because he dreamt of his own death and she had the same dream too. The death of Baldur broke Frigg’s heart for she tried many ways to protect her child. She traveled the world and asked for all creatures’ swear not to harm her son. But no one could escape their fate.

Image of Frigg Powerful Women in Norse mythology
Frigg cried her eyers out when her husband suddenly disappeared

Frigg was a seeress but she never told anyone about the future she saw. She was the one who saw the upcoming future but she would love to talk it to no one. 


Elli wasa different name for many Viking or Norse lover. But we saw Elli once in Norse mythology, when she knocked Thor out in wresting baatle.

Thor once came to the land of the giant and prepared for the things he needed to join a competition. His team failed many time and even Thor failed. First off, his team lost in the eating battle. Later he failed in lifting up a huge cat and drinking up the mead from the  ancient path.

Thor was defeated by an old woman, Elli.

The most fascinating scene was when Elli volunteered to have a wrestling battle with Thor. Elli was an old women with wrinkles. But Thor did fail the wrestling battle with Thor. This made Elli become the first woman in Norse mythology that could ever beat Thor. Accordingly, it listed Elli into the lines of the most powerful women in Norse mythology. In fact, Elli was the symbol of Old Age. Though she was old, her bones and skills were still great. But the experience and the wits of an old women outdid ours.

The topic ended with only more than five powerful Viking in Norse mythology.

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