5 Powerful Viking Gods That Could Empower You

Norse Pantheon had a wide range of gods that the Vikings respected and worshipped. They were not only majestic in the appearance but they also powerful with magic. Here is the list of 5 powerful Viking Gods that could empower us the most.

Odin the Allfather

Odin was the Aesir chief god living up in Asgard. He ruled over Asgard and he had his own palace there. And without his permission, no one could ever sit on the High Throne of his. Odin was the father of many famous gods like Thor, Baldur the son of light, Bragi the god of music and entertainment, etc. He was among the most respected and worshipped gods of the Viking belief.

Image of Odin the Allfather
One eyed Odin the allfather

Odin was also famous for his nonstop pursuit of knowledge. He welcomed knowledge and wisdom whatever form they might take. In other word, Odin was willing to sacrifice and suffer in order to get more knowledge to better himself.

During the even of Ragnarok, Odin was prophesied to take place. Fenrir the Giant Wolf of the cosmos swallowed Odin while he was trying to defend othre people and himself. And then they died.”

Thor God of Thunder and Lightning

God Thor was among Odin’s sons. Among the gods, Thor gained the most popularity. The Vikings worshipped Thor and loved him for his generosity. Viking Thor Mjolnir Hammer was his famous weapon that nothing in Norse mythology could ever rival with. His power was associated with lightning and thunder which were creater by the Mjolnir hammer.

Hardly did Thor go out without the Mjolnir Hammer along his side. He always kept it in hand and whenever a giant turned ahead, he would wield the hammer and shred the skulls of the giant to shreds.

Image of Thor Norse God of Thunder of Sotrn
Thor and his Mjolnir hammer

According to Norse mythology, not only did Thor try to defend both gods and humans but he also endowed many blessings in formal rituals like birthday, wedding, or funeral.

Freyr God of Summer and Lightning

Talking about the Viking gods without Freyr was a big mistake. Because though Freyr didn’t come from the Aesir God tribe of Odin, he was the son of the Vanir chief god, Njord. Freyr was the king of the Alfheim the land of the beautiful elves.

Freyr had a magical sword that could fight on his own. The magical sword once belonged to Freyr but he gave it to  a servant of his. Because he wanted the servant to help him win the heart of the lady he loved. As he could finally marry the one he loved, he lost his powerful sword.

Image of Frey Viking God
Viking God Freyr

During Ragnarok the Doom of God, Freyr fought with only an antler in his hand. Freyr’s antler later became the weirdest weapons in Norse mythology. Unfortunately, Freyr fell in his battle against the giant Surtr. Many people claimed that if Freyr hadn’t exchanged his wife, he would have won.

Tyr God of Honor and Justice

Tyr was a Viking god of war who was among the bravest of the army. He was the lawgiver of Norse pantheon. It was Tyr who was brave enough to approach Fenrir and feed him.

Thanks to the courage of Tyr, Norse gods managed to bind down the wolf Fenrir into the rock. But Tyr, with the bravery and honor, lost his hand to Fenrir. The deed of gods in the Binding of Fenrir was seen as an oath-breaking deed. Tyr might have felt so ashamed that he decided to let Fenrir bite his hand though he still had time to withdraw his hand from Fenrir’s mouth. But Tyr would never behave like a coward.

Vidar Viking God of Revenge

Among the powerful Viking gods, Vidar might not have got enough reputation. Vidar was the Son of Odin. He spent the most amount of his time sitting in his garden and watching the trees that he grew on his own grow up. Because of this, Vidar became the God of Silence.

But the silence was finally broken when Vidar’s fahter, Odin passed away. The hatred for the giant especially Fenrirr grew quickly until it reach the point. Vidar put an end to Fenrir’s life easily with a step into hie mouth and used his hands to shred Fenrir into two parts.

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